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Year 6 Leavers' Gathering Response - Friday 17th July 2020 at 1.15 to 2.00 pm

Although many children have been affected by changes to school life, there are a number of year groups that have been particularly impacted. None more so than our Year 6 pupils. This time of year is usually full of SATs test relief, excitement, anticipation, new beginnings and closure. It is a time for saying goodbye and for growing up by moving on to 'Big school'!

Your child would usually have been busy with a leaver’s production, leavers books, induction days, and visit to Woodfield House etc. – all to mark the end of their time at primary school.

We are really keen to ensure that our children have the opportunity to say goodbye to Blanford Mere, so we have decided to have a 'socially distanced' leaver’s gathering on Friday 17th July between 1.15pm and 2.00pm. This will be held outdoors with children and staff being socially distanced. If the weather is awful, then the assembly will take place in the hall, again observing social distancing guidelines. This will provide an opportunity for the staff to say goodbye, for the children to be together as a year group for one last time and for us to present the children with their Leaver’s Book and hoodie.

Unfortunately, we cannot have parents in attendance as this is not allowed under the current guidelines.

To book a place for your child at this gathering, you will need to complete the following questions. If you have not booked a place for your child, then unfortunately, we will not be able to admit them to the gathering. This is to maintain safety for all children and adults on the premises.

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