World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March

What a fantastic day we have had! There has been a fantastic buzz of excitement around school today whilst celebrating World Book Day. It has been brilliant to see the books children have brought in from home, and how these have driven their learning for today.

In KS1, we have been creating puppets of our characters and putting on puppet shows. In KS2, the children have been creating bookmarks, blurbs and debating their likes and dislikes when it comes to reading. Each class have completed many different activities and had the chance to read a range of books. Mrs Miller visited each class to read a brand new story which was very exciting!

A huge thank you to Morrisons Kingswinford, who have donated 12 brand new books to add to our library. KS2 were thrilled to see these and are excited at the prospect of being able to borrow them in the future.

However, by far the most important thing to take away from today is that reading is AMAZING and we can never do enough of it! If you complete your Reading Bingo in your planner, please see Mr Wade for a prize.

Our pupils had the following to say about the day...


Lillia - "We had to look at our stories with Miss Steadman and Miss Porter."  

Jack - "Mrs Miller came in nursery to read us a story called 'The Lost Owl'. The squirrel helped the baby owl and he saw a frog and a rabbit. He got lost when he fell out of the nest."  

Walter - "We read my pop up Dino book."

Willow - "Reading helps us learn new things."

Jack - "I liked when Miss Postings shared her favourite book with us."

Megan - "We celebrate World Book Day because it's all about sharing stories."

Alistair - "My favourite part was making our own reading crowns."

Ray - "I got 'Welcome to Grimwood' with my voucher. I like it when the funny rabbit hits the fox."

Ava-Lily - "I enjoyed doing the quiz in my 'Dinosaur Roar and friends' book."

Marni - "I really liked it when Mrs Miller came to read to us."

Leo - "On World Book Day we look and read loads of books and we learn lots from books"


Mya - "I loved World Book Day because we got to read lots of new books and learn new things."

Harry H - "I had a great day because books help me to relax."


Olivia F-P - "Today is World Book Day and we have been making puppets of characters from our books. My book is called 'The Wizard and Me'. I have liked reading lots of stories and being creative."

Luca - "World Book Day has been wonderful. We did a scavenger hunt looking for things in lots of different books. We sorted the books from our book corner, we have lots. I have liked making my characters into puppets." 

Samuel P -  "I liked bringing in our books that we bought with our tokens and learning about lots of new books".

Willow - "I like celebrating my favourite authors like David Walliams. My favourite part of today was our story with Mrs Miller and making bookmarks"

Eden - "I liked World Book Day because we get to share our favourite books and I liked it when we got to dress up in our pyjamas. I really enjoyed hearing about other people's favourite books."

Mason -  "I liked designing the David Walliams' book front cover and it's made me want to read more David Walliams' books. I obviously also enjoyed coming in to school in pyjamas."


Luke R - “We have World Book Day to make sure everyone has a book and they can read.  I enjoyed guessing the book characters’ names in the quiz. My favourite activity today was making my own bookmark to keep my place in my book.”

Kyla R - “I like reading because it’s calming and it helps me to imagine that I’m in a different place, a different person.  Reading at bedtime helps me to go to sleep.”

Clay - "I enjoyed the DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time because it was calming and I am reading an exciting book!  I also enjoyed dressing up in pyjamas and wearing football slippers."

Poppy - "I liked Mrs Miller reading to all of Year 5-6 in the hall. I enjoyed having time to read my own book and dressing up."

Harry - "I enjoyed it when Mr Raybould read out the blurbs of the books and we had to guess what the book was. I also liked the competition to try and work out the character from famous books we did in class assembly."

Sienna - "I liked writing my own blurb to encourage others to read my book and thought making a poster to advertise my book was really fun."

James, 5/6D - "I enjoyed being able to drop everything and read because I don't normally read a lot at home. I liked writing my own blurb."

Alexandra, 5/6D - "I loved bringing my new book in to school. Reading helps me to escape my worries and takes me into different, imaginary worlds. I like thinking about different characters and relating to them."

What a brilliant day! Let's continue to enjoy and love reading.

Thanks, Mr Wade

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