Please read the latest guidance from Dudley Council:

COVID-19 cases are continuing to soar in Dudley, and now the borough has the highest figures in the West Midlands. Unless the number of cases starts to fall, local restrictions could remain in place post lockdown, and in the run up to Christmas.

As a council and together with our partners, we’ve done everything in our power to contain and delay the spread of Coronavirus and we continue support our residents, business and communities to save lives, keep the services they rely on running and save livelihoods. We’ve maintained bin collections and care services, kept schools open for children of key workers, re-introduced our green bin collections and re-opened the tip as well as introduces a raft of measures for businesses.

Throughout, we’ve worked closely with partners and the voluntary sector to ensure our most vulnerable residents get the support they need and we have initiated a number of targeted public awareness campaigns.

As we move our focus to the next phase of management of the COVID-19 epidemic, a locally led system to prevent and reduce transmission of the virus is critical.

This local outbreak control plan will build on the strong relationships with key partners and the approach already in place for tackling situations and outbreaks locally during the pandemic including work across our care homes.

The aim of this plan is to reduce the spread of the virus, to prevent and minimise the impact of a potential second wave, whilst reducing the direct and indirect health, social and economic consequences. It details how we identify early and manage local outbreaks and how we will support high risk locations and vulnerable communities.

We will continue to review and adapt the plan as the local situation changes, in line with national guidance, engagement and consultation with local people and communities.

The success of this local approach and in order that we can protect all and support recovery will rely on good relationships and integration with national, regional and local partners and schemes, and good communication and engagement with the public.

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