Condover Hall Residential Update - 2023

Wednesday 15th March 2023

Update at 12:35pm

Children arrived safety at Telford Park, the weather is dry but cold – the children are not bothered by this.  They have had fun on the spider web, the slides and the obstacle course.  All the children have eaten their lunch and they will be heading off at 13:00pm to Condover Hall.  They are all very excited and happy – they cannot wait to start the activities. 


The children arrived at Condover, very excited, at 1:30pm. They were greeted by their activity leaders from the coach! 

After being allocated their rooms, the children collected their belongings to put in their rooms.  Unfortunately, they had not been unlocked - this was soon rectified. 

Afterwards, the children were given a safety briefing and a tour of Condover - the site is vast! The activity leaders then asked each group to come up with a team name, they played games, sang songs, and had fun before heading off to their first activities which was either zip wire or abseiling! The staff were very proud of the children as they embraced the activities and challenged themselves - everyone put on the safety equipment, encouraged each other, and took part either fully or partially - well done! 

Next, the children went back to rooms to unpack some of their belongings before heading off for some free time, climbing trees, playing rugby, or many other games. 


Our allocated teatime today was 6:15pm, there were plenty of hungry children and staff after the physical activities and fresh air! The children ate well before heading back to rooms to put on a few extra layers, collect coats, hats, gloves, and water bottles. It was then time to enjoy the campfire out in the forest -  fortunately, we had the closest location! 

Despite the cold, damp day most children embraced the great outdoors and had great fun singing, dancing, performing, and eating marshmallows! 

Finally, after an extremely exciting and busy day it was time to head back to the rooms. Children had a wash and got undressed before meeting on the landing to have a hot chocolate and biscuits. They all shared something they had achieved today and something they were looking forward to tomorrow! There were many tired faces, and most children were asleep by 10pm...but not all! Breakfast tomorrow is at 8:15am, so at least both the children and staff can enjoy a bit of a lie in before embarking on another 5 physical activities tomorrow!

Thursday 16th March 2023


The children were all up at 7am showered changed before having a hearty breakfast. This included cereal, toast, bacon, egg, beans followed by a waffle with maple syrup & fruit. Children are heading off to their first activity which is the climbing wall, zip wire and trapeze.  All the children are well fed and happy.


The children have enjoyed five activities today which were zip wire, climbing wall, trapeze, laser conquest, archery and the finale tonight was mini Olympics! 

They all had a great lunch; chicken nuggets, fries, salad, bolognaise, corn on the cob, vegetables, garlic bread, side salad or veggie fingers, followed by fruit! They all enjoyed some free time before getting involved in further activities at different intervals throughout the day! The children had the opportunity to purchase items in the shop, which for many was a shopping spree! 

Our allocated teatime tonight was also very enjoyable for both children and staff. There was a choice of soup to start, chicken souvlaki, pizza, wedges, beans, flat bread, side salad followed by a yum yum and fruit! The children have certainly eaten extremely well and thoroughly enjoyed the meals! 

The weather has been kinder to us today and little warmer and drier! After all of todays activities, fresh air and food, we had extremely tired children! The children returned to their rooms, had a wash, brushed their teeth, packed some of their belongings and went to sleep! All was quiet by 9:30pm with everyone safely asleep in bed! 

Tomorrow, the children need to be up, washed changed, packed, eaten their breakfast and be out of their rooms by 8:45am ready to experience their final activity! 

Friday 17th March 2023


The children slept exceptionally well last night after an extremely busy day.  All of the children were woken up at 6:50am, they needed to have a wash, brush their teeth and pack their belongings and strip their beds…………. many found this task extremely difficult. 

They have had their breakfast which was cereal, toast, egg, beans, sausage and fruit & yogurt.  By 9am they had taken their belongings to the mansion and began their final activities which are laser conquest, archery or zip wire.  After this they will go to an awards ceremony, eat their lunch, collect their belongings and head back to school at 12:30pm. 

We will send a school life message to parents when they leave Condover so you know when to collect your child.  If you are not collecting your child at an earlier time, please email so that we know to keep them in school until 15:15pm.  Everyone has had an enjoyable time.

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