World Book Day - March 4th 2021

Well, what a fantastic World Book Day! One that we will never forget, I'm sure.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part and really helped raise the profile of reading across the school. The children who are in school looked fantastic, and there was a real buzz around school. It was so fantastic to see your brilliant costumes at home when we did our live assemblies.

Well done everyone! We hope you had a really great day enjoying your favourite books. 

"You read stories, we dress up and we play on World Book Day. My favourite story is Room on the Broom. I like that story because it's a bit funny". Grayson

"Mrs Miller read us a story. It's World Book Day. You can dress up and listen to stories". Rocco

Bethany-Rose - "We made the tiger from The Tiger who came to Tea" 

Luke - "World Book Day is celebrating with your costume on, lots of different books." 

Samuel - "World Book Day is great. We get to read books."

Lyla - "We got to wear our favourite costumes." 


Abigail – “World Book Day is important because we get to dress up and enjoy our favourite books!”

Daniel – “I liked reading the Cat in the Hat and Mr Wade dressed up like him!” 

Charlie – “World Book Day means that we can wear our pyjamas and dressing gown to school and costumes from our favourite stories.  Also, we can bring our favourite books to school.”

Enzo – “We celebrate World Book Day because it is fun to read stories.”


Samuel- “Today has been World Book Day and we have celebrated books, authors, and illustrators. We listened to a special song about World Book Day, and we picked out all the books it mentioned.”

Jaxon- “I have dressed up as Batman because it is World Book Day. It's a very special day where you celebrate books and reading.”

Jacob – “I really enjoyed our word scavenger hunt. We had to find lots of different words in books. It was really fun because I love reading!”

Eden – “I really enjoyed dressing up as Katie Morag because world book day is all about celebrating our favourite books and characters.”

Zara – “I have enjoyed dressing up as my favourite character.”

Olivia D – “I think books are like windows because you can open the pages to a new world.”


Harry – “I have enjoyed writing my Hurricane story based on a book. I enjoy reading - a lot!”

Chloe – “I really enjoyed writing the book. I've enjoyed reading lots of different books.  I really liked the Antony Browne books and finding lots of things in the illustrations.”


Frankie R – “World Book Day is a great day for children that don't have books because if children don't have books, they can't learn properly.  I really like that we get to dress up on World Book Day.”

Elissa – “I like World Book Day because we get to express our preferences for books and we get to share about what we like about books and what they can do.”


"Today, I liked how the teachers dressed up as characters from a book and shared their favourite books with us." Gabriella Year 6.

"I enjoyed dressing up as a character from my favourite book and I got to talk about lots of different stories." Tate year 5.


Riley: "We talked about all of our favourite books and how they are different. We also dressed up as our favourite book characters!"

Oliver: "I enjoyed listening to the stories.  We listened to a mysterious, true story from Australia - 4 people went missing!"

To continue this love of reading, every class will be basing their learning for next week (WB 8th March) around Flood by Alvaro F Villa.

We are really excited about this week; it's going to be a fantastic week as we welcome every back to school.

Thank you for your support,

Mr Wade and Mrs Oliver

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