Support for Parents and Children by working together

The pandemic has been hard for many families. Parents have told us of the many ways that this has impacted upon their families. Many of you are aware of the long waiting lists to access support services such as GPs, School Nurses, CAMHS etc.

We already work with the charity Believe to Achieve in school. They train our year 5 children to become Peer Supporters in Year 6. We have been approached by them as they have acquired funding to offer free support to some of our families who would appreciate some support.

Please see the information that they have provided for us to share with you:

Believe to Achieve was founded in 2001 by Lisa Potts. Our provisions include one to one and family counselling, peer support, parental support programmes, holiday and after school work.

Believe to Achieve are currently offering family support groups and family counselling in your child’s school.

These programmes offer support on key subjects identified by you as parents within your local community. These consist of anxiety, anger management, routines and boundaries, self-esteem, sibling rivalry, positive relationships, budgeting, internet safety and keeping safe.

How can family counselling help my family?

Behaviour (child/ parent) can lead to conflicts and arguing within the family which makes life difficult for everyone. Parents can feel at a loss to understand what their children are experiencing/feeling and how best to support their children. The child may not be able to express their emotions effectively this can often come out as anger or the child being withdrawn.

Family counselling can improve the relationships within the family by creating an environment which is safe for all parties to talk and resolve the issues.

The support would be provided during the school day by Sarah Edwards, with the parent(s) and child(ren). Initially, Sarah would talk with parents to discuss the issues or concerns and may offer a place on the programme. Sarah would be happy to talk by telephone or by email if you would like further information or to request a place on the programme.

Please contact either Sarah directly or Mrs Miller for more information.


Enquiries, 07708624031 (Sarah Edwards, counsellor)


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