Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the first Science newsletter of the year. Encouraging children to observe the world around them broadens their minds to so many possibilities. As I always say: “Science is all around us. Science is everywhere!” Indeed, there certainly has been a lot of Science taking place this half term in school. We always help the children make links between science in everyday life and the focus of our Science lessons.  Read on to learn about our recent Science Stars.


Iris – Well done for the accuracy of symbol circuit diagrams, building circuits and identifying errors or ‘power gaps’.

Holly – Engaged an curious. Answering and predicting with challenging questions.

Grace – Using and applying knowledge for challenging circuit diagrams. An excellent role model and science ambassador. Accurately planned battery investigation.

Joshua S – Answering questions, researching and linking your learning to Principle 8 – Science in everyday lives.

Isobelle - Researching the impact of British scientists’ discoveries on our lives. Making links with our Science Principles.


Leon – Focussed on your learning, answering questions and identifying circuit changes. Super start t the year!

Grace – Engaged and answering challenging questions about complete circuits, open switches and conductors.

Lily C – Knowledge applied to answer challenging questions and discuss a battery investigation. Great!

Gabriella - Researching the impact of British scientists’ discoveries on our lives. Making links with our Science Principles.

Noah - Using scientific vocabulary to discuss the impact of scientists’ discoveries. Making links with our Science Principles 8 and 9 and sharing your wide and varied general knowledge! Continuously asking ‘Curious Questions’. Super!


Laila – Answering a question explaining how light helps us see.

Hannah – Explained what a shadow is and how it is formed.

Will – Identified the advantages and disadvantages of the sun. 

Harman – Identified ways keep safe in the sun.

Lacie  - Explained how shadows change shape and size.

Dan – Explained what opaque, transparent and translucent means.


Harry - He is always engaged in scientific investigations, able to make sensible predictions and draw conclusions using scientific vocabulary.

Ruby - She is now able to make connections between scientific findings and everyday life.

Elissa - Working well as part of a team when carrying out an investigation on opaque, translucent and transparent materials.

Seth - Improving his presentation when recording scientific results in a table.

Libby - Showing eagerness and enthusiasm when investigating changes in shadow length.


Demi - An excellent explanation of how light reflects off surfaces.    

Molly - A detailed explaMolly - A detailed explanation of how reflection is used in everyday life, Principle 8.     

Tia - Understanding how the sun affects our eyes and sharing how we can protect ourselves. Principle 8.    

Lily - For clear reasoning and explanation of shadows changing shape.  Principle 1, 2, 5 & 8.                                                      

Zach - A superb explanation of why an opaque material would make the best curtain for a sunny bedroom. Principle 8.                                            

Kamran - Curious and engaged. Applying learning.  Great answers given and understanding light lets us not only see, but see in detail too.


Fred- Sharing his excellent prior knowledge about animals.

Mason - Being able to explain the human life cycle to his peers.

Isabella - Sorting and discussing the needs of animals and how they are similar to the needs of humans.

Annabelle - For creating a super poster about why exercise is important and what we can do to keep ourselves healthy.

Liam - For sharing his prior knowledge about illnesses and diseases when learning about personal hygiene for humans.

Destiny - For observing how germs bread - we conducted an experiment watching mould grow on a handprint on a slice of bread and Destiny made super observation comments.


William - Excellent enthusiasm in starting our new topic around Animals including Humans.

Henry - Displaying excellent knowledge about different food groups.

Alex - Brilliant thoughts around our curious question.

Lennon - Showing a fantastic scientific attitude when looking at hygiene and the spread of germs.

Chloe - Could wonderfully explain why dolphins and whales are classed as mammals.

Frankie - Frankie has shown a great deal of interest in our topic, Animals including Humans, and has asked lots of inquisitive questions to deepen his own understanding.


Daisy-Mae - Daisy- Mae is fantastic at answering curious questions!

Daniel - Daniel challenged himself to add extra labels on his body parts.

Sammy - Sammy answers curious questions accurately and knowledgeably!

Joshua - Joshua explained to everyone that humans are mammals!

Evie-Rose - Evie-Rose sorted animals into the correct groups/hoops!

Sophie - Sophie completed her own sorting diagrams with labels to group animals!


Violet - She correctly identified human body parts and really thought hard about our Curious Question.  

Rosie - She had fun identifying her senses and then using them whilst on a ‘sense hunt’. Principle 2 and 8.     

Jessica - She identified signs of Autumn and answered questions about how day length changes in different seasons. Principle 3. 

Jenson - He impressed the class with his ability to identify animals and his use of scientific vocabulary.  

Harroop - He grouped animals correctly and was able to describe why the animals belonged in that group. Principle 6.  

Lily - She use her classification skills to group animals and considered the Curious Question carefully.


Abel - for showing care and consideration of living things in the outdoor environment. 

Darcey - for using her senses to explore the world around her.


Isla - for her explanation of how rainbows are formed.

Noah - for sharing his detailed knowledge of Bonfire Night.  


Luke, Lilly - For using some fantastic language to describe the natural worlds around them using their senses.

Riley, Isabella - The children followed instructions to make jelly. We observed and discussed what happened to the jelly when we added hot water and talked about what happens as it cools down.

"We made some jelly. We had to pour some hot water in the bowl and then we put it in the fridge to see what happened." Riley.

"The jelly dissolved when we put the hot water in." Isabella.

Zara - Zara noticed a change in weather and was interested in making kites.

"The wind made my kite fly.”

Fingers crossed for dry and sunny skies during Half Term. Why not take the chance to spot signs of autumnal Science whist you’re out and about?

Every Child Is Born a Scientist ... it's our duty to foster that wonder and enthusiasm so it remains with them.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs P Woodley

Science Lead

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