Dear Parents/carers,

We hope that you are well.

We have been working relentlessly on a plan to reopen school fully to all pupils in September 2020.

We have written a letter for you to read and digest fully over the next 7 weeks in preparation for a full reopening on Wednesday 2nd September to all pupils, except Nursery children who will be able to return on Thursday 3rd September.   

You will notice that there are staggered start and finish times for each class and we ask for you to familairise yourself with the plan, parrticularly paying attention to your arrival and collection points on the school map at the end of the document. 

This is a challenging time for everybody, particularly for those parents who are new to the school or have not attended school since March.

We want to try and alleviate any worries or concerns that you may have, so we are sharing the information with you to ensure a safe and happy start for everybody in September.

Thank you for your continued support.

We look forward to welcoming the children back to school in September.

Mrs Miller and Miss Stanton

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