Please read the attached information from the Photographer,

Tuesday 11th MayPhotographer - Individual photographs will be taken for all children in school. Children can wear the either summer or winter uniform. Winter uniform should include shirts, and ties. Please send your child to school with a jumper/cardigan.   Children in Year 6 will have photographs taken for a group leaver’s photo. If your child is not in school on this date (illness, appointments, isolation etc.) then unfortunately they will not be included in the photograph.  Please note that if our afternoon Nursery children would like to have their photograph taken, then they should come to the main entrance at 8.30am.

Unfortunately, this term we will not be able to offer parents the opportunity to bring in younger/older siblings into School at 8.30 am for photographs, we feel that due to the safety of the school and our photographer this cannot be carried out in a safe and contact free manor.

The photographer will work totally contactless in School – there will be no contact between the photographer and student and no contact between the photographer and your members of staff.

Sibling groups however do pose a problem, reading the governments guidelines on how children returning to school will have to minimise the number of contacts each pupil has during the day, by keeping classes or whole year groups apart from others, so for this term only we are suggesting that children are only photographed on their own and no sibling groups to be taken, this takes away the problems/risks of children walking around school fetching their siblings from other classes in which they should not be going into and would certainly introduce many more risks. However, if parents do want a sibling photograph, we do have it covered, when ordering on our website they can select to order a sibling group photo. From the individual images we can produce and edit a family photo for them using their children’s individual proof references which they will be asked for when ordering.



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