Article 14

You have the right to choose your own religious and beliefs. Your parents should help you decide what is right and wrong, and what is best for you.

Comic Relief 2022 Pupil Voice

It never felt more important to use the power of laughter to make a difference to the people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and across the world this year.

Thank you for taking part and supporting this worthy cause.  We will let you know how much has been raised next week.


Zara: We raise money to help people who are poor.

George: We can be like superheroes and help people when they need us.


Leo: We raise money for charities to help people.

Lottie: We should be kind to everyone.

Year 1C:

Jacob: We learnt about Teddy.  He is very brave.

Raymond: Being courageous means gaining confidence.  There are lots of people who help us to be confident.

Year 1J:

Evie N:  We wear red to school to help people who don’t have money, food or drink.

Adam: People in the Ukraine need help at the moment so we have raised money for them.

Year 2W:

Charlie DW:  We have been raising money for those who are in need.

Isla: Red Nose Day has been great because it's really funny, and we've been able to help places like Ukraine.

Year 2B:

Darcey: Red Nose Day is all about raising money to help other people.  The money will help people across the world. 

Thomas:  I'm really happy that Red Nose Day is a thing because we can raise money to help people. Some money is used to create clubs and help people in the UK. Some money will also help people in Ukraine. 

Year 3/4O:

Lucy R: I enjoyed the Comic Relief Quiz that we did.  I learnt that we support other people with our donations in this country and in Ukraine.

Leo F-C: Comic Relief means that I can help other children to get warmth and food and things. This year we are helping people in Ukraine because of the war in their country.

Year 3/4M:

Maisie D: Today I have found out how people can help others around the world.  I enjoyed doing the quiz.

William: Today we talked about how Teddy had resilience by going to a club where people with disabilities learn to be more confident.  I can show resilience by being brave and courageous.  I can face my fears.

Year 3/4C:

Eden: Today, I liked dressing up and I liked learning about the Ukraine and all of the people in need in our country and across the world.

Autumn: I liked learning about how Ukraine people are trying their best against Russia and I like that out money today will help them but I wish I could do more to help.

Year 5/6D:

Xavi : I have learnt that it is important for everyone to be treated the same regardless of whether they have a disability or impairment.

Luke: Red Nose Day is about donating to help people that need the money more than we do. This year it has focused on more laughter so that we can spread positivity after a difficult few years of Covid.

Year 5/6B:

Elizabeth: We got to wear our own clothes and raise money for other children around the world.

Mylo: We watched a video of some of the children who might receive our money.  We also found out what our donations could help pay for.

Year 5/6R:

Archie: I liked raising money and helping people in need.

Holly: I learnt how the money goes to people who have tough lives.

Pen Licences

Congratulations to the following children on gaining their pen licence in Yr 3/4:

Leo T

Ariell A

School Photographs!

The date for ‘The Photographer’ has been arranged for Tuesday 22nd March 2022. Individual photographs will be taken for those children in school who have no brothers/sisters at school. Where there are two or more children from a family in school, they will be photographed together. If you would like any other combination taken i.e. brothers and sisters taken separately as well as together, then please let us know by emailing  by Monday 21st March 2022.

We ask that all children wear the correct winter uniform, to include shirts, ties, and jumpers/cardigans.  

Children in Year 6 will have photographs taken for a group leaver’s photo. If your child is not in school on this date (illness, appointments etc.) then they will not be included in the photograph.

If you have a child who attends afternoon Nursery and you would like your child to have their photograph taken, then please bring them to the main office in their uniform at 8.15am.  If it is your child’s birthday is on this occasion, then please send them in their own clothes on the following day.

Places in Nursery for September 2022

Places for Nursery I September are filling up quickly. We offer morning and afternoon sessions (dependent on the child’s age), as well as wraparound care at lunchtime to support working parents.  We also have a limited number of the 30 hour free child care places available.  If you have a child or know anybody who may be interested in a Nursery place – please contact the school office on 01384 818365 or email for more information.

Free school Meals – particularly children in Year 2

When our current Year 2 cohort move to Year 3 in September, they will no longer be entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals. Free School Meals will then only apply to children where their parent’s income satisfies the following conditions at the time of applying:

If you get any of the following support payments your child may be entitled to receive free school meals:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • the guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
  • Working Tax Credit Run-on - paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit (you must have less than £616.67 a month net earned income (after tax - and not including any benefits)‚Äč
  • Children who receive a qualifying benefit in their own right are also allowed to receive free school meals.
  • Children under the compulsory school age who are in full time education may also be entitled to receive free school meals.

If you meet the above criteria, then please complete the online form below.  You will be notified by Dudley Council if you are successful, they will also inform the school. 

Parents can apply online via


Blanford Mere Protection from extremism April 2022

A school has the responsibility to keep children safe from extremism, this is how we do this at Blanford Mere.


  • Engage and challenge pupils and provide experience to broaden their horizons.
  • Ensure pupils understand what it is to be an active citizen, with an understanding of the responsibility it brings.
  • Allow pupils to hear and debate different points of view and in that way develop their resilience.
  • Give pupils the mental agility, arguments and insight to see through and overcome the propaganda of extremist groups

What we do to support this:

Our school is a place that inspires and engages young minds. Our school believes in democracy and the laws of the country, where every individual has a voice that is heard and respected, no matter what their faith or belief. Our school values discussion, debate and learning from others.

Our school believes that division belongs in mathematics, not the classroom. There is no place for extremism in our school.

For more information regarding this matter and resources to support at home visit:

Easter Activities

Easter Tennis Camps with Multi-sport skills are being run at Wall Heath Tennis Club. They're led and organised by Adrian Hyde who is an experienced Dudley teacher and the Head Coach with L.T.A. and DBS accreditation. You can view details at

For further information contact Adrian at or call 07753673143

Dates for the diary

On Wednesday 23rd March, we are planning to celebrate ‘World Maths Day’ and enrich our curriculum by promoting number and times tables with our children.  Children will be able to take part in the World Maths Day competition on Mathletics – at home and at school.   There is no cost involved to take part in this day.

To make the day more special, we would like children to dress up in a ‘mathematical way’. This could be wearing a t-shirt with numbers on, dressing up as a famous mathematician, coming as a TT Rock Star with a cool outfit and rock star hair styling and air guitar, or even coming as a calculator or clock!  There are many photos on the internet from other schools who have hosted similar maths days previously if you are looking for some inspiration for an outfit choice.   Unfortunately, Year 6 will be travelling to Condover on the same day, so they won't be able to join in this time if they are attending the residential trip. If your child does not want to dress up mathematically, then they should attend in their school uniform. 

Thank you for your support in preparing the children with an outfit for this day, which we hope will be enriching and exciting for all our children.   

Many thanks,

Mr Baker 

What is World Maths Day? 

World Maths Day is an international celebration of mathematics coordinated by 3P Learning (the makers of Mathletics). 

On which day is World Maths Day celebrated? 

Wednesday, March 23 2022 is the date of this year’s World Maths Day. It runs for 48 hours to cover all global time zones. On this day, millions of students across the world compete in Live Mathletics challenges to determine a global winner, while also participating in fun activities that highlight the wonder of numbers. 

Why do we celebrate World Maths Day? 

World Maths Day is celebrated every year to make maths exciting and engaging for all school-aged children from all over the world – regardless of cultural or socio-economic background, and regardless of ability. World Maths Day disregards the notion that you are either a ‘maths person’ or not. 

How do I participate in World Maths Day? 

World Maths day is free for anyone to enter. Children should use their current Mathletics subscription - just log in on the day. 

What are the highlights of World Maths Day? 

World Maths Day is all about fun, fast and inclusive maths, with Live Maths challenges being the highlight of the event. Students compete against peers from across the globe in 20 one-minute challenges. For every correct answer they achieve, they’re awarded one point which goes towards their total World Maths Day score.  

Wednesday 23rd March – Friday 25th March – Year 6 Residential trip to Condover Hall. Please see the email that was sent out the Tuesday 15th March.

Monday 4th April – Katie Morag Day – Year 1 – Please see the letter sent on 08.03.2022 for further details

‘Easter Bonnet Parade’

Thursday 7th April 2022- Each child from Nursery to Year 2, should they wish to take part, will need an Easter bonnet for a traditional ‘Easter Bonnet Parade’ for the school during the morning assembly.  Afternoon Nursery children will Parade throughout KS1 and Reception. Please work with your child at home to make the bonnet; being as adventurous or as simple as you like. This can be as straightforward as a bonnet from a simple cardboard band painted in Easter and Spring colours to papier mache eggs, rabbits and lambs.  This is not a competition, but a bit of fun and a chance for you to create something fun with your child!

Thursday 7th April – TTRS dress up Day for those eligible – check planners nearer the time.

Friday 8th April – school closes at the usual time for Easter break.

Monday 25th April – Return to school – Summer uniform can be worn from today.


  • Blanford Mere red polo shirt (or suitable alternative) and grey school skirt, pinafore or trousers.
  • Red and white checked/striped dress
  • Sensible black shoes and white socks


  • Blanford Mere red polo shirt or suitable alternative
  • Grey shorts or trousers
  • Sensible black shoes and grey socks (not black trainers)

Please remind children that they should not wear nail varnish or jewellery (other than a watch and/or stud earrings) for school. Don’t forget that if your child wishes to have their ears pierced the best time is beginning of the summer holidays as it is our policy that children cannot wear any kind of earrings during PE lessons.

W/C Tuesday 3rd May - KS1 SATs begins.

W/C Monday 9th May - Year 6 SATs week.

Thursday 26th May - School closes to pupils for half term.

Friday 27th May - INSET day - school closed to pupils.

W/C Monday 6th June - Year 4 Multiplication Timestables Check begin.

W/C Monday 6th June - Year 1 Phonic Screen Checks begin and Year 2 recheck.

Thursday 21st July - School closes for the Summer break.

Have a lovely weekend, let’s hope the sun shines!

Mrs Miller and Miss Stanton


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