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The government has a responsibility to make sure your rights are protected. They must help your family to protect your rights and create an environment where you can grow and reach your potential. 

Things that have happened so far in school

Reception Julia Donaldson Day

On Thursday 5th November, Reception had a very exciting day celebrating the author Julia Donaldson. The children and staff all came dressed as their favourite character from one of her famous stories.  During the day, the children participated in a range of activities such as; Gruffalo number hunt, retelling the Room on the Broom story and making their own finger puppets.  The children all had opportunities to listen to a variety of stories. The children had a wonderful day and all have shown a great enjoyment of reading!

Remembrance Day

On Wednesday 11th November – we remembered those who fought for us and those that lost their lives in the war.  We held a minute’s silence.  Thank you to everyone that supported this year's Poppy Appeal – we will let you know how much was raised when we have been notified.  

Friday 15th November –Children In Need – Thank you for supporting this worthy cause – we raised £323.71.  This is fantastic news for a worthy charity!

‘Five to Thrive’ challenge. 

Last week, Blanford Mere supported Children in Need by taking part in their ‘Five to Thrive’ initiative. Children experienced a number of exciting activities based around supporting their mental health. In the morning, they energised themselves ready for learning with a 5 minute exercise routine. They then took part in afternoon activities from treasure hunts to mindfulness lessons. It was great to see all the children arrive at school in their sports clothes! Here is what the children thought:


Ellie-Rose: "I enjoyed doing the Pudsey colouring and my exercises in the morning."

Adam: "I liked seeing Pudsey do the dancing."


Amelia - "I liked jumping and doing my exercises."

Noah - "The dancing was fun and I liked climbing."


Harley: “I liked doing star jumps and Spider-Man lunges every day.”

Isla: “It was good that Joe Wicks helped raised so much money and we could help him.”


Jamie: “I enjoyed doing the exercises like climbing and press ups every day!”

Ellie: “It was good fun jumping and seeing Pudsey join in.”


Charlie - 'I have really liked the energiser we have done every morning it wakes me up!'
Eden - 'I have enjoyed learning about the 5 different words each week and why they are important.'
Jessica 'We have done exercises every morning to wake us up. It was lots of fun'.
Daniel 'We have been doing five to thrive. We have learnt five words and each word tells us how to feel better.'


Liam : “Joe’s five minute workout is brilliant! I like doing the exercises.”

Chloe: “The Five to Thrive has helped me think about being curious, getting active, being kind and taking turns.”


Lola D: “I really enjoyed watching Blue Peter because disk golf looked super fun.  It made me want to try a backflip on my trampoline even more.”

Jack H: “I liked to create the scribbly patterns and colour them in.  They helped me to forget all my bad thoughts.”


Lily-Mae: ”I like doing fun activities and I liked learning about how to stay healthy.  I really enjoyed doing the morning exercises.”

Liam: “I enjoyed all the fun activities, particularly the turtle drawing and talking about things that make us grateful.  I also enjoyed the Joe Wickes videos.”


Noah: " It helped me and my brain wake up every morning!"

Holly: "It was different every morning doing exercises and it made me feel energetic and ready to start maths."


Harry: "Each day, for Children in Need, we did the Joe Wicks workout.  In the afternoon, we also did activities."

Libby: "It woke us up ready to learn!"

Odd Socks Day 

Thank you to those parents for supporting ‘Odd Socks day’ on Monday.  Throughout this week - Anti Bullying Week, we are raising awareness of issues surrounding this subject. 

I am sure that you have read in our planners the definition of bullying. We refer to this in school with the children as STOP - Several Times On Purpose.

For more information you can visit the following websites:



Anti-bullying Alliance

Thank you

Thank you to all those parents who are wearing masks when dropping off and collecting children - this is appreciated by families and staff. We would encourage all parents to wear masks as this is a particularly busy time when there are large numbers of parents and children in a restricted area. Staff may choose to wear masks when greeting/dismissing children too.

We have spent a considerable amount of time and energy following the guidance to minimise the risks for children and parents. We need to look after staff wellbeing too and your co-operation with the following is appreciated.

Pen Licences

Another group of children have achieved their pen licences recently. Well done and congratulations to:

3/4C - Mason D, Freya S, Harman S, Luke J and  Heather P

3/4D - Henry M

3/4O - Isabel M

5/6R - Elizabeth V, Joshua T, Oliver C, and Tia J

5/6B - Dominic P, William, Laila-Mai L, Ethan T, Araya and Hannah B


Forthcoming dates

Friday 20th November 2020 – Last day to return letters and money for Christmas

activities that you would like your child to be involved with.  Orders will be placed by the end of the day on Friday - any forms or money recived after 3.30pm will not be accepted or processed.  Please support us by making the deadline, to avoid disappointment. 

World Children's Day Friday 20th November 2020

World Children's Day marks the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. On Friday 20th November, we celebrate 30 years of children's rights and demand that every child has every right.  To celebrate this year, we are asking children to come to school wearing something 'blue' as this is the Unicef logo colour on Friday 20th November.  In school, we will be partaking in a range of fun and engaging activities to mark the anniversary and raise awareness.  Please note, there will be no charge for this.  

W/C 30th November 2020 – Phonics Check week – Year 2 – letter emailed to parents


Thursday 3rd December 2020 – Film night 3.15-5.15 pm Yr Rec – Yr 6

Tuesday 8th December 2020 – Christmas Video Recording am Yr 1 – Yr 6

Thursday 10th December 2020 – TT Rockstar Dress up Day

On Thursday 10th December, there will be a ‘TT Rock Star Dress Up Day’. When children can answer questions up to x12 in the 'studio' game and achieve Rock Star status, Rock Legend status, or Rock Hero status for the 1st time, they will be able to dress up. Any child who remains on Rock Hero status will always be able to dress up on TTRS days – check your child’s planner to see if they are able to. 

Please encourage your children to go on TT Rock Stars.  TT Rock Stars helps children improve their times tables when used regularly – it is recommended that children use it for at least 3 minutes per day.  All children who are able to dress up will have a sticker in their planner. 

There is no download needed and it works on PC and Mac, but there are free APPs available for Android, Apple and Amazon phones and tablets. 

Please remember to use Mathletics too, as homework will continue to be set weekly on this. Thank you for your support. 

Competition – most correct answers

On Thursday 17th December, the children who have answered the most correct answers this term (in each year group from Y3 to Y6) will win a session in the Gamervan. 

GAMERVAN: "We have combined the latest in computer gaming tech and put it into an epic gaming space.  Our custom designed and built van ensures that we are unique and remain at the forefront of children’s entertainment.  Our state of the art vehicle is also kitted out with leather bench seating and full length multi-colour led lighting to give the ultimate party atmosphere!

Social distancing will be maintained and children will remain in their bubbles. All children can go on TT Rock Stars, but the competition is only open for children from Year 3 - Year 6.

Friday 11th December 2020 – Christmas Breakfast – Yr Rec – Yr 6

Friday 11th December 2020 – Christmas Jumper Day – Nurs – Yr 6.  £1 donation –

Save the Children

Tuesday 15th December 2020 – Christmas Lunch Day – please pre-order using

School Grid app by Tuesday

Wednesday 16th December 2020Santa’s Grotto – Nurs – Yr 6

Thursday 17th December 2020 Christmas Party Day – more details to follow.

Children can come dressed in their own clothes – no charge. Nurs – Yr 6

Friday 18th December 2020 – School closes for the Christmas Break.

Christmas Post Box

This year, it is with regret that we have decided that the Christmas Post box for staff and children will not open.  With Covid restrictions and possible cross contamination, this year it is just not practical for us to sort and distribute Christmas Cards.  

Staff Gifts from the children

We have had parents asking if staff are able to accept Christmas cards and gifts from the children, with the current Covid restrictions that we have in school.  We will not be accepting Christmas cards in school this year for staff, however, if you would like to buy a gift for your child's teacher then please send this into school by Monday 14th December at the latest, with your child.  Each teacher will have a box in their classroom where the gift will be quarantined for at least 48 hrs, until the staff member can take it home on Friday 18th December.  There is no obligation or expecatation for parents to buy gifts for staff. 

Monday 4th January 2021 – School reopens for the spring term.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Miller and Miss Stanton

Headteacher and Deputy Head

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