Morrison’s – It’s Good to Grow Campaign

Morrisons has launched their “It’s Good To Grow” campaign in all of its stores in hope of educating children about where their food comes from. The aim is to make school children more aware of the journey of food from field to fork, and to encourage healthy eating. 

For every £10 spent in store or online you will now receive 2 'Grow Tokens' to help our school get a range of gardening equipment. You can download the “My Morrisons” app using the App Store to start collecting your tokens which you can then donate to our school by selecting our school name when you register. 

We believe it is really important for children to engage with nature and develop the skills to grow healthy food for themselves. This campaign is a great way of showing children where food comes from and the importance of making healthy choices. Your support would be much appreciated. For more information please visit the “My Morrisons” App. 

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