Harvest Monday 4th October 2021 until Monday 18th October 2021

In the weeks leading up to half term, we will be celebrating Harvest.

This year we have decided again to help the Black Country Foodbank who collect items to feed families in crisis in our community. Black Country Foodbank helps vulnerable individuals and families in crisis through the provision of 3 days emergency food supplies while a longer-term solution is developed. The services we provide have an enormous impact on the people who use them, giving them an important breathing space at a time of great need.

The Foodbank would like to collect a range of items so that they don't have an abundance of some items and a shortfall of others. So, we are going to ask each class to donate particular items, so that we should manage to collect a selection across the school. We will be launching the appeal in classroom assemblies next week, but thought you may like advance warning so that perhaps you can add an extra item into your shopping. Please make sure that the foods are "in date", i.e. within their 'best before' dates as the Foodbank can't give away food that is past its best-before date and we don't want to waste any donations.

In these uncertain times, many parents are turning to Food banks for help.  I know that they will greatly appreciate your donations.

If you feel able to support this appeal, then please bring the item asked from your child's class on the list below, anytime from Monday 4th October 2021 until Monday 18th October 2021 to the main Reception foyer and leave the items in the conservatory. 

Nursery - Any items from the lists below.

Year R  - Miss Cleeton - Tinned meat or fish

Year R - Miss Postings - Carton of U.H.T.(long life) milk

Year 1 - Mrs Cartwright - Tinned Potatoes, tinned Vegetables

Year 1 - Miss Jordan - Tinned fruit, cartons of orange juice

Year 2 - Mr Wade - Hot chocolate, small jars of coffee, tea

Year 2 - Miss Barclay - Sugar, biscuits

Year 3/4 - Mrs Oliver -Soup, (tinned/carton/packet), instant noodles

Year 3/4 - Mrs Cameron - Rice, dried pasta, couscous

Year 3/4 - Mrs Morton - fruit squash/cordial

Year 5/6 - Mr Baker Cereal (preferably non sugared)

Year 5/6 - Mr Raybould Toiletries (soap, shower gel shampoo, baby toiletries, wipes  etc)

Year 5/6 - Miss Dorricott Any of the items above.

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