Dear Parents/carers,

We hope that you are safe and well. 

To celebrate 'World Book Day' we will be holding our 'live good work assemblies' on Thursday 4th March, please see the timings below. Your child's class teacher will post on your child's Team page with a link to the meeting. You will need to click on this link, then click on '+Add to Calendar' (top left) to accept your invitation to the assembly.

We hope that children at home and those children that are attending school will join in with the event by dressing up as their favourite book character or wearing their pyjamas.

Year 3-Year 6 have delivered their ‘live’ spelling tests again this week.

Year 5/6 will be delivering a ‘live’ mental maths quiz via TEAMS on Friday – look out for the link!  This is an exciting opportunity for 5/6 to challenge their mental maths ability!

Rec and KS1 will have 'Story time live’ on TEAMS.  It will be a lovely opportunity for their teacher to share one of their favourite stories with the children.  Please note that the timings may change for some classes this week. 

By clicking the link you are agreeing to the following:

Virtual/Online & Remote Learning

I agree to the following when delivering virtual/live learning, especially where webcams are involved:

  • No 1:1s, groups only
  • Staff and children must wear suitable clothing, as should anyone else in the household.
  • Any computers used should be in appropriate areas, for example, not in bedrooms; and the background should be blurred.
  • Live learning should be kept to a reasonable length of time, or the streaming may prevent the family ‘getting on’ with their day.
  • Language must be professional and appropriate, including any family members in the background.
  • Staff must only use platforms provided by Blanford Mere Primary School to communicate with pupils

The following times have been set to enable siblings, who are in different classes, to be involved in the assemblies at different times.  Please see the timetable below.

RJ: 1:05-1:15 

RC: 1:20-1:30 

1W: 1:30-1:40 

1C: 1:40-1:50 

2P: 1:50-2:00 

2B: 2:00-2:10 

3/4O: 2:10-2:20 

3/4D: 2:20-2:30 

3/4C: 2:30-2:40 

5/6R: 2:40-2:50 

5/6B: 2:50-3:00


Key worker children attending school

For key worker and vulnerable children who are attending school, can I ask that you access the school website, click on the ‘Forms’ pencil, ‘Good Work Consent Form – Key Workers’ – this allows teachers to know if you consent to your child’s face being shared with their classmates on a short ‘live’ stream, this will be supervised by teachers in school.  If you have consented previously, there is no need to agree again.

We are looking forward to a fantastic time, celebrating the achievements of those children in school and those accessing remote education.  This is also a great occassion to celebrate reading and the joy of books by joining in with World Book day too.  We hope that this will be our last virtual celebration as children return to school next week.


Mrs Miller and Miss Stanton

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