Dear Parents/carers,

As you are aware we have had rising cases of Coronavirus across the country and in particular Dudley. At school, we have had positive cases and our trying our best to keep the staff, parents and children safe.  We regularly send information out to parents to ask for your support when waiting to collect and drop of your children to school.  Thank you to most parents who follow our advice and support us in trying our best to keep your children safe.

This morning I received the following complaint from a parent:

“I would just like to thank you on how vigilant all staff members have been with the current situation. You are all doing an amazing job and I appreciate all that you do. I understand how tough these times are.

I have had to raise my concerns this morning over a few children in year 1. I understand younger children may not be fully aware of how serious coronavirus is, but I witnessed a group of boys breathing over each other and directly in each other’s facing shouting, ‘hot breath’ when I was doing the school drop off this morning. They continued to breathe in the faces of their peers and children around them.

Parents also did not even bother to correct their own children, this has really disappointed me when they were just laughing at the children doing it. This was in extreme proximity to each other. I am fully aware children are in bubbles and are close when in school. I just found this very irresponsible of parents allowing this behaviour to happen.

I know there isn’t a lot you can really do other than enforce safety measures that are already in place, but maybe make the younger children aware of how serious purposely breathing in anyone’s face is not safe.”


  • We would ask for your support when dropping and collecting children to and from school please:
  • Wear a face mask
  • Arrive at the allocated time and gate
  • Leave the area as soon as you have dropped or collected your child – please do not congregate with other parents
  • Keep your child by your side and ensure they are behaving safely
  • Keep a safe distance from other adults


We really would appreciate everybody’s help and support with this please.

Best wishes

Miss Stanton

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