Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Dress to Express

Thank you to all those children who participated on Monday 1st February.  It was lovely to see how the children chose to express themselves through their clothes.  We gave the children opportunities to think about how they like to express themselves through creativity such as art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and activities that make them feel good.  We hope that some of you joined in at home too!

Here are just some of the children’s thoughts:


Florence - I'm wearing a rainbow top because I like it. It makes me happy when I see a rainbow in the sky and my Mummy told me to wear this cardigan.

Rocco - I'm wearing red because red is my favourite colour. My Mummy said wear this top.

Reception J

Georgia - It is good to relax your mind.

Reception C:

Ashleigh - Colours can show how we are feeling. 

Year 1C

Thomas (home schooling) – I am happiest when I am in my pyjamas and building circuits.

Samuel – I enjoyed wearing my Flash costume to school to express myself and show my friends what I like.  It made me feel happy.

Year 1W

Daniel - I liked wearing my own clothes because it made me feel happy.

Amelia - I felt excited and brave because my clothes were really fancy. 

Year 2B

Harroop - My jumper has lots of different colours. This shows lots of different feelings.

Ellie - I express myself through drawing and being creative.

Year 2P

Luca M - I think it is really important to express ourselves as we are all different and unique. We have to celebrate this!

Rose M - Some people are wearing colours to show their feelings. It is important to talk about how we feel.

Year 3/4D

Zara - I've worn a colourful top that I tie-dyed myself. It shows how creative and arty I am.

Olivia - I decided to wear black today because I am sad about Covid and not being able to see my friends and family. My top has butterflies and hearts on it because I am happy to be at school and love learning.

Year 3/4C

William  – ‘Dress to Express’ day was fun because we were learning how to express our feelings and also how our relationships and hobbies can help us to feel happy.

Elissa  - It was fun to talk about our feelings with other people and discuss our personalities.  We also learned how we can express bad emotions in a safe and healthy way.

Mason - ‘Dress to Express’ day is good because it allows people to show how they are feeling. We also learned how to help ourselves feel happier by releasing a special chemical called endorphins.


Chloe P – I was wearing a white flowery dress because it felt calm and peaceful.

Maisie – I wore a pink crown top because I feel loved and I felt happy.

Year 5/6B

Paige – I can show my feelings to other people by the way I dress.

Araya – People could tell how I felt by the way I was dressed. 

Year 5/6R

Gabriella - I really enjoyed ‘Dress to Express’. I loved drawing my emotions on the outline of a person.

Joel - I liked drawing my emotions and I thought ‘Dress to Express’ was a great idea because it was a great way to express my emotions.

Please see last week's newsletter for lots of ideas to take care of our children's mental health and wellbeing.

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