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Recent events and activities in school

KS1 and KS2 SATs

Well done to Year 2 and 6 on completing their SATs tests. All children have fully participated and tried their best with completing the tests. The results of Year 6 SATs tests will be given out after the reports in June - however, Teacher assessments will be included in children's reports. Year 2 results are teacher assessed and will also be sent out with reports in June.

Football Team News

Congratulations to our football team on their efforts on Friday 4th May against Cotwall End. They managed a draw, for a 2-2 draw, Harry A and Lennon P scored the goals. We would like to thank Mr Ackerman, a school governor, for supervising the boys on this occasion, it was greatly appreciated.

Mr Ackerman said

"They played brilliantly. It's incredible to see how far they have come in one year as a team. I'm so so proud of every one of them. They all played as a unit and are a true team with great spirit."

The football team also played their final match on Tuesday 8th May, the school football team ended their season with a narrow 5-4 defeat against St. Mary's Primary School. The season's first hat-trick was scored by Harry A and a further goal was added by Lennon P. The home crowd added atmosphere to a closely contended game. Mr Swift commented that after heavy defeats earlier in the season, the team had gone from strength to strength to finish the season in a credible 4th place in the local league. Fantastic news!

Attendance Winners May

Well done to 5/6O Class, who won the attendance award for May with a 96.52% attendance! They can wear their own clothes on Thursday 7th June.


The following classes have already been attended:

Science - the children involved really enjoyed developing their skills further and were a true credit to the school. Well done!

"The Science Mastery Class was awesome! We used Bunsen burners, salt and water to make a saturated solution. After heating it, it became a 'super saturated solution'. This was left to evaporate, so we will have salt crystals ready for next week.

Looking at different crystals such as quartz, emerald and diamond was amazing.

I really loved the session; Mr Bills was enthusiastic and fun and I loved using scientific equipment. I can't wait to see how my crystals have turned out."

Dominic W Year 5-6

Royal Wedding Celebrations

The children enjoyed the Royal wedding celebration on Friday 18th May. Thank you for sending children to school in red, white and blue. The children enjoyed learning about the royal family and the monarchy.

Science Careers Fayre

On Friday 18th May, KS2 took part in a Science Careers Fair with the aim of developing their Science Capital. We all had an amazing time. The children met some of our parents with science-related jobs who gave a brief talk to small, rotating groups of children. They learnt about how these jobs are linked to science and to everyday life, what they entail and were able to handle equipment, clothing, resources and view photos and information that is typically used. Everyone's Science Capital was developed by increasing their knowledge, developing positive attitudes, learning new skills and understanding how relevant science is in our lives.

My grateful thanks go to the following parents, without whom a Science Careers Event such as this would not be possible, for your time and effort. Mrs Hood, Mr Sposen, Mrs Lowe, Miss Billingham, Mrs Tracey, Miss Bayliss and Mr Woodley, and their roles of:

• Chief animal care assistant

• Forensic & Biological Scientist

• Quality engineer

• Physiotherapist

• Brain Imaging & Cognitive Neuroscientist

• Adult neurodevelopmental specialist nurse

• Geologist.

Tighe: I liked learning from the Geologist. I didn't know that a human being could turn into oil!

Ekam: A Forensic scientist looks like a fun job!

Abby: It's been so interesting to find out how we've all got different fingerprints-even twins!

Roxy: I can't believe how big my foot is! That was just like detective work. I didn't know was part of science!

Thank you for making this such a successful and productive afternoon. I wonder who

will have a future career in science?

Yr 1 Wedding celebrations

To help consolidate their R.E unit based on 'Stages of life' year 1 held a mock wedding ceremony. This helped them understand the Christian significance of a wedding service and the vows and promises made by all involved.

Year 1 wedding ceremony took place this afternoon. All children had a part to play. The children looked fabulous in their smart wedding attire! Activities included a traditional Christian wedding ceremony, photographs of the wedding group followed by a celebration party. Thank you to all the parents and family members who came into school throughout the afternoon to be part of the children's learning.

Half term activities

Please click on the flyers to see what is available for adults and children over the half term break.

Science Stars for half term are:

Year RJ

Bobbie: For commenting and observing changes with the chicks.

Amelia: For being so inquisitive in science lessons.

Year RS

Chloe - For commenting and observing changes with the chicks.

Joseph - For being so enthusiastic about living things.

Year 1W

Mason R -asking some great curious questions.

Harrison G - trying to give explanations to why green plants need sunlight.

Clay W - making great observations based on our growing seeds.

Demi F - remembering lots of scientific words.

Leo S - great observational diagrams in his seed diary

Year 1P

Harrison L - for excellent prior knowledge of the lifecycle of a plant and being able to share this with others.

Jack S - for his superb questioning and enthusiasm on plants and seeds.

Seth D - for always been a keen scientist and asking lots of curious questions during the starter of each science lesson.

Mylo B - for his independent work on parts of a plant and taking care and pride in his work.

Luke J - for his knowledge about trees and being able to explain the difference between an evergreen tree and a deciduous tree.

Jack J - for being able to explain what a fair test is and making predictions based on what he already knows.

Year 2S

Kamran DR - good use of vocabulary to explain concepts relating to animals' habitats.

Harry F- able to classify living, dead and never alive giving reasons.

Tia J - Using secondary sources to illustrate a healthy diet

Year 3/4 H

Isabelle A - Linking science to everyday life to explain the importance of why we study animals and their habitats.

Grace B - For asking some excellent curious questions.

Joshua S - For excellent knowledge of food chains and webs.

Jack C - Recalling and explaining the seven life processes of living things.

Amber T - Using excellent descriptive language to make sure that her group were able to identify, classify and draw a variety of leaves from our nature walk.

Lewis W - Showing enthusiasm in all areas of science and trying particularly hard to use accurate vocabulary to explain why things happen.

Year 3/4 C

Seren S - knowledge about sorting and classifying.

Tyler H - super definition of the term 'habitat'.

Finley R - super contributions to the lesson!

Danny S & Grace A - close observations and excellent descriptions of leaves!

Year 5/6O

James P-explaining how reflected light can be made to change direction to see round corners.

Archie D-using a moon model to explain moon phases.

Kelsie L- increased effort to engage in the lesson and apply her knowledge and answer questions in lessons.

Thomas P- increased confidence to give explanations in lessons.

Josh T-using his understanding to explain planets orbiting the sun.

Ekam S-verbal explanations of Earth's rotation causing day and night; describing the Sun's movement.

Year 5/6B

Daniel B-positive attitude, developing his Science Capital and engaging himself in his learning thoroughly.

Sienna B-explaining how shadows and reflections can happen at the same time even they are different concepts.

Ben W-improved, positive attitude which is supporting your developing Science Capital; applying yourself to investigate how you can change the direction light travels in.

Abby W-super concentration made an impact on your learning. Earth's rotation & shadow position.

Mackenzie W-explanations of reflective surfaces and the absorbance of light.

Jack G-thoughtfully reflecting on our Science Principles

Year 5/6 Trip to Environment Zone

Today Yr 5/6 went to The Environment Zone at Roberts Primary School. This trip was led by the Head Environmental Officer who supported the entire activity-packed day. During the visit the children took part in a variety of activities including using identification keys and developing pond dipping skills to name animals and plants and understand their life cycles, classifying different animals in terms of complete and incomplete metamorphosis, and investigating habitats and taking accurate measurement of species. The children made cross-curricular links with Natural Art and Orienteering geographically within the Environment Zone. They had a fun filled day, using their manners and were very well behaved.

The children said:

Hayden B "I think today's trip has been exciting, wonderful and I've learnt lots about groups of insects with arthropods, molluscs and crustaceans."

Rose D "Today has been fun and exciting. I have learnt new things. I have working scientifically while I've been having fun."

Abigail P "It was fun and I learnt about new creatures like the shield bug."

Maths Club

After the May half-term holiday, there will be an opportunity for children from Reception - Year 6 to join a lunchtime Maths Activity & Games Club. It will be an informal club where children can play mathematical games and hopefully encourage their enjoyment of maths.

To help with the resourcing of the club, I would be extremely grateful if you could help by providing any of the items below. I am not looking for brand new items, just things that you may no longer use at your home - so it's the perfect time for a clear-out!

Examples of items that could be donated:

• Board games (that involve maths, counting or using dice. e.g. Snakes & ladders)

• Cars (small cars for measuring the length they travel).

• Maths books - puzzles, logic, times tables, code-breaking

• Nintendo DS consoles (if you've upgraded to a newer console, the older DS models are great for brain training and maths puzzles and competitions).

• Any old smartphones / tablets that you no longer use (to download maths games/apps on).

• Card games - packs of cards, UNO etc.

• Strategy / logic games like chess, draughts, Yahtzee, Rubik's Cubes.

• Lego (for fractions and shapes).

If you are able to donate any mathematical items, please can you send them to Mr Baker by Monday 4th June.

Reminder - Year 6 Residential Condover Hall September 2018:

A reminder to the parents of children who will be going to Condover Hall in September, there is a meeting after school on Tuesday 26th June @ 3.20 in Miss Stanton's class-room. Any outstanding balances are due by Thursday 28th June 2018.

Forthcoming Events

Healthy Lifestyle Day

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4th-6th June, the School Council will continue to sell raffle tickets for £1 per strip during playtime and lunchtime. A big thank you to Roxy Hughes and Clay Woollam's Mum who has kindly contacted local businesses for prizes. Prizes include Boing Zone passes, a cricket set, footballs, a Shaker Baker Set, My Little Pony toys and a £10 voucher for the uniform shop. Tickets will be drawn on Wednesday 6th June. All proceeds will go towards the outdoor gym.

If your child would like to take part in the 'Healthy Bake-Off', please send your entries on Wednesday 6th June to be judged by our school kitchen manager Kim. Prizes will be awarded on that day. Please include a brief description of your dish along with your name and class. In order to win, Kim will be looking for entries which are healthy, tasty and well presented. Good Luck!

Sports Day 2018

We would like to invite all parents and family members to our annual Sports Day on the morning of Friday 8th June 2018 on the playing field. It will start at 9.15 a.m. and we aim to finish by 11.00-11.15 a.m. The races will include an Elite Sprint, which the children have been competing for in their PE lessons, a Sack Race, a relay race and the Egg and Spoon Race. During the afternoon, children will also be competing in a 'Round Robin' of events. Children are allowed to come to school with their PE kits on and wear trainers and a tracksuit. We shall send home their pump bags beforehand.

Please prepare your child for all weathers!

a) If hot, sun hats and sun cream applied before school

b) If cold, warm waterproof clothing and coats

If it pours or the field is hazardous, we shall cancel the event. Please note that we shall not make a decision about whether to go ahead or cancel until 7.45am - if this is the case, we will send a text message out to parents, so please do not ring before!

The Event

We ask that all parents drop their children off at the main entrance at the usual time of 8.45am, for security reasons. Gates will open to parents/relatives who are spectating, at 9.00 a.m. Please use the KS2 gate by the park - We shall not allow any members of the public onto the school premises beforehand for obvious reasons. We will only be leaving the gate open for 15 minutes. At this point, it will be locked for security reasons. There will be no entry after 9:15a.m. The gate will NOT then re -open until the sports day has finished.

Mr Hayes and Mr Ackerman, our school governors - will be selling drinks for parents to purchase for their personal consumption on the field. Please try and bring some change with you. We are a no smoking site and therefore will not be allowing adults to smoke during the event or to go in and out of the gate to smoke.

All children will have the opportunity to take part in at least two races. They will be given a drink when they have raced. The Sports day will start with Year R-Elite Sprint, followed by Year 1, then Year 2 and so on. This will remain the format for the morning.

At the end of the event, we would like all parents to remain seated (for at least 10 minutes), so that we can take the children safely to their classrooms (via the playground doors). Children will be escorted into the classroom by their teacher. We ask if parents could be patient as we take the safety of the children very seriously. There will be many people on the field, please do not approach your child, as we need to make sure all children are safely brought back into school.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to come and support your child, and our sporting events. The children are currently practising their skills and are looking forward to a fun filled day.

Any questions, please feel free to contact myself or your child's class teacher

Are you entitlement to 30 hours free child care for your 3 or 4 year old child?

You may be aware that the government is extending the amount of free childcare available from September 2018. We are now planning places for the new academic year and would like to be able to offer a limited number of these 30 hour free childcare places to families who may be eligible.

The website is interactive and explains the criteria for eligibility in detail, as well as the benefits of the scheme. Also, please click on the attached criteria leaflet from the DFE - to see how the scheme works.

If you need any further information about eligibility then please see the government website.

Staying safe online

We have a number of parents who come to tell us that their children are receiving '. upsetting messages from children in school at home on social media sites such as: WhatsApp', 'Snapchat' 'Facebook' etc. We have held a number of assemblies to inform children about how to keep safe online. We would urge parents to report the incidents to CEOP as this is a matter that arises out of school. Please type the link into a search engine, this will give you a wealth of information about keeping your child safe online.

How to reduce the risk of your child being in an upsetting situation

In order to avoid these sorts of situations in the first place, it's worth sitting down with your child before they start using any website and reading the terms and conditions to learn what is, and what isn't, acceptable on the site.

You should check whether your child is old enough to have an account with a particular social media website. Many sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and ooVoo require users to be 13 years old and will deactivate the accounts of any users suspected to be under this age.

Other tips for increasing your child's online security:

• Set their privacy settings to medium or high. Without updating their privacy settings, anyone can't contact them and their profile information is visible.

• Explain to them that they should not share personal information with people you do not know, such as your address, school, parents name, etc

• Children often share their passwords. Know your child's passwords and discuss that passwords are "secret" words and should not be shared with friends.

• Children sometimes leave themselves signed in at friend's house on someone else's mobile device or computer. We suggest that you remind them to always be sure to log out.

• If your child receives an unwanted friend invitation be sure to ignore the request and also block this person from contacting again.

Fortnite Game Warnings

National Online Safety provides a useful guide for the whole school community for the game that is sweeping the nation.

Over the past few months, a rapidly increasing number of children are playing the game 'Fortnite', making its Battle Royale mode "the most played online game in the world." As with all online gaming, there are a number of risks that need to be considered in order to ensure children and young people are effectively protected. National Online Safety provides regularly updated resources for the whole school community according to the latest trends and have therefore created a guide to educate school staff and parents about Fortnite: Battle Royale. The guide explains what the game is all about and some online safety issues to consider, with the aim to protect children whilst playing the game.

'Fortnite - Battle Royale', is a free to play section of the game 'Fortnite'. The game sees 100 players dropped on to an island from a 'battle bus' where they have to compete until one survivor remains. The last remaining player on the island wins the game. Players have to find items hidden around the island, such as weapons, to help them survive longer in the game. To make the game harder, there is an added twist called 'the storm', which reduces the size of the island from the start of gameplay, making the players closer together in proximity. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac and iOS.

6 Top Tips for Parents Limit game time

Limit game time

Parents can use parental controls on Xbox and PC to limit the time your child is playing

games on the devices. Be aware that the game is available on iOS and will soon be

available on all mobiles. With this in mind, it is worth parents having a conversation with

their child to discuss and agree how long you would like them to spend on games. Even

though the games last around 20 minutes, it may be hard to take them away from a

game mid-play. It may be worth using a limit of the amount of matches they play rather

than a time limit.

Restrict payment methods

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a free to play game, but there are still options to make

additional purchases. If a parent does not want their child to make payments, ensure

that a card is not associated with the child's account. If a parent is happy for their

child to make payments in the game, but want to limit spending, we suggest using a

paysafecard, or a games console gift card. These can be purchased in specific amounts,

which will limit how much a child spends and removes the need for a credit/debit card

to be used with their account.

Show children how to make a report

If a child believes a player is playing or talking inappropriately, you should advise them

to report them. To report a player, you can use the in-game feedback tool located in

the Main Menu of the game. Additionally, a player can be reported in-game when

spectating them.

Prevent them from talking to strangers

There is an option to turn off the voice chat feature, which means the child wouldn't be

able to talk to anybody, including their friends. They will still be able to use the in-app

chat and hear other people's conversations. To turn off voice chat, open the Settings

menu in the top right of the main Fortnite page, then click on the cog icon. Open the

Audio tab at the top of the screen. From there, you can turn off voice chat.

Look out for Vbuck scams

It is important that children are aware of the scams that they may come across online

in association with the game. Open up a conversation with them about scams and how

they should never share their username or password with people in order to gain

anything for the game.

Use a strong password

It may seem like a simple tip, but it is important that a child selects a strong password

when creating an account, particularly if a credit/debit card is associated with the

account. This will help reduce the risk of their account being hacked.

Remember, tomorrow Friday 25th May is an Inset day - so school is closed to children. Have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing all of the children on 4th June.


Mrs N Miller Headteacher

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