Newsletter 18th January 2019

Article 3

All adults should do what is best for you. When adults make decisions, they should think about how their decisions will affect children.

Welcome Back

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year. The children have made a swift start to the new term.

Activities and events so far this term.

New Nursery Children

We would like to welcome our new Nursery Children to Blanford Mere, they have all settled in extremely well. We wish them a fabulous learning experience here!

Pen Licences

Well done to Lily B who is the first child this term to be awarded her Pen Licence! I am sure that there will be other children joining her soon.

Year 3/4 French

Last week, Year 3/4 and the teaching team were supported by David Moss (Language Consultant) as part of the ongoing termly visit programme, to deliver their French lessons. These sessions are always well received by both the staff and the children with lots of exciting games. The teachers then continue this learning for the children throughout the rest of the term!

Year 2 Balloon Launch

Year 2 launched balloons last week, as part of their new topic ‘World Explorers'. We are really excited to see how far the balloons will travel.

Year 6 Growing Up Talk

On Tuesday Year 6 received their first part of the ‘Growing Up’ Talk with Loudmouth theatre group, followed by an information session with our School Nurse – Laura Bickley. The children found this to be very informative and approached the sessions with maturity. There will be a follow up to this later in the year.

Thank you

A big thank you to the group of Mums who gave their time in the lead up to Christmas to help us with practical preparations. Your time and support was appreciated.

Fun Night 'Heroes and Heroines' Disco

We would like to invite your child to a ‘Heroes and Heroines’ Disco on Friday 25th January 2019.

We will be having a ‘Heroes and Heroines’ themed fancy dress disco, children can come dressed as their favourite super hero, popstar, footballer, dancer… in fact anyone that they feel is an inspiration to them or children can come in their own clothes, if they prefer.

Please note that we have very young children, so we ask that no scary face masks are worn.

There will be a DJ, as well as dancing and party games, a drink and ice lolly provided too.

Entry is by ticket only. The tickets are £4.00. We require tickets to be purchased in advance, so we have accurate numbers for the disco. School staff will supervise the children at the event. You can purchase tickets at the school office from Friday 11th January 2019 am until Friday 25th January 2019 at 3.15pm.

Please note you cannot pay on the door for this event – so please purchase a ticket in plenty of time!

The disco will start at 4.30pm and children must be collected promptly by an adult at 6.00pm. In the past we have had several children not collected on time, if this is the case, then a fee will be charged for after school care.

How to log on to SchoolLife app.

You will need to download the school life app from either the Google Play store (for Android smartphones and tablets) or the Apple App Store (for iPhones, iPods and iPads). Search for ‘schoollife’ (all one word) and then look for the School Life logo;

Once downloaded and installed, open the app up and accept the notifications, when asked.

Finally, login with your personal login details below and start receiving all the important notifications.

If you do not have an Apple IOS or Google Android device, you can use your logon details on our school website to get all of the same content.


We are holding our Parents Evenings this term on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th February 2019. Nursery parent consultations will be on Tuesday 12th February and Wednesday 13th February.

For this and future parents evenings, all appointments should be made online.

It is really important that you are logged into the ‘SchoolLife’ app or can access the website via a ‘tablet’ or ‘desktop/laptop’ computer.

All appointments will be ‘active and live’ to book from Saturday 26th January 2019 until Tuesday 5th February 2019 – Yrs Rec – 6.

Nursery appointment lists will be ‘active and live’ to book from Saturday 26th January 2019 until Monday 11th February 2019.

Each class teacher will put up appointment lists indicating the times that they are available. Please note that these will vary slightly for each teacher.  

This is a valuable opportunity for you to meet with your son or daughter’s class teacher. We do encourage parents to bring their child for a “three way conversation”.

Nursery Parents should enter via the Nursery Entrance.

Yrs Rec- Yr 6 Please enter and exit by the main entrance doors.

As usual there will be seating available in the hall (Yr R, 1, 2), corridor (Yr 3/4) and library (Yr 5/6), so that you can wait in comfort and browse through your child’s books with them before seeing the teacher.

Appointments allow a maximum of 10 minutes for each set of parents. If you need additional discussion time you may need to make a further appointment on another day as we do try our best to ensure minimum waiting times for parents.

To ensure safe dismissal of all children from the playgrounds the following arrangements apply:

I would be grateful if parents did not ring the office to make appointments - we simply do not have the capacity to make appointments on behalf of parents.  We realise that some parents will be unable to attend the two allocated parents evenings because of work or other commitments. Staff would still like to see you, so please liaise with your child's classteacher to arrange a mutually convenient time.



I know that I have mentioned this in several other newsletters, but yet again, we have received complaints from local residents regarding parking. We ask that parents are considerate of our neighbours and the local community by - not parking across driveways, not turning around on resident’s driveways or parking on the grass verges – blocking the public footpath. We would greatly appreciate your co-operation with this. We have advised residents to write down the make/model of the vehicle and registration number and ring 101 to report this issue to the Police to take action. To avoid this, we would be very grateful if you would support us with this issue.

Please click on the link below for the Highway Code rules – which has been kindly sent into to me by a parent. Thank you!

Pencil Cases

A reminder please, that children should not bring a pencil case to school. School provides all equipment that is needed for learning. Children become very distressed when equipment is misplaced or broken and hinders their learning as they become distracted by their pencil case. Please support us by ensuring that your child leaves their pencil case at home for their homework.


Today’s ‘Safeguarding assembly’ for children in Years Rec-6

During assembly today, we were talking to the children about ‘how to keep themselves safe’. We have helped the children to understand that it is their right to be happy and safe and to encourage the understanding that any problem or worry that they may have is legitimate, and to share their worries – big or small – with their trusted adult; at home, at school, or with ChildLine.  0800 1111

The assembly was led by Mrs Miller and the content delivered in a sensitive and age appropriate way.

During the assembly we aimed to give children:

  • An understanding how to keep themselves safe
  • Knowledge of who can help them if they feel unsafe
  • An awareness of how to get help and sources of help, including ChildLine.  Click on the link below to see the content of the assembly, you may wish to look at this, in case your child has any questions. 
  • Snow

    As parts of the country have had snow, this is a reminder of our procedures.

    If a decision is made to close the school, it will be announced on local radio

    Free Radio BC- 97.2

    Free Radio—B’ham –96.4

    Black Country Radio

  • We will also update the school website and send out a group text.
  • To keep the school open we have to have enough staff in school to care for the children as well as premises that are safe enough to enter (gritted pathways etc.)
  • Please do not ring the school. We are unlikely to be able to make an early decision as many staff live a distance away and will be experiencing difficulty getting to school. As soon as a decision is made to close the radio stations will be informed.
  • As you know, where possible we do our best to stay open. However, if conditions are unsafe for either children or staff then we have no option but to close. We will do our best!
  • Future Dates:

    Monday 4th February 9.00am – Yr 5/6B Class assembly

    Monday 4th February pm – Yr 3/4 Maths Championship

    Yr 5 Mission X – Friday 8th, 15th February and 1st and 8th March

    Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th February – Yr R – Yr 6- Parents Evening

    Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th February – Yr R – Yr 6- Parents Consultations

    Friday 15th February – school closes for half term at 3.15pm

    Monday 25th February – school re-opens at 8.50am

    Tuesday 26th February – Year 5/6 Maths Championships

    Tuesday 5th March – School Photographer – more details to follow

    Friday 22nd March – INSET DAY - School closed to pupils

    Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.


    Mrs Miller

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