Newsletter 15th February 2019

Article 17

You have the right to get information that is important to your well being, from radio, newspaper, books, computers and other sources. Adults should make sure that the information you are getting is not harmful, and help you find and understand the information you need.

January Attendance Winners

Attendance winners for January were 5/6B for third month consecutively! Keep up the excellent attendance.

Activities and events so far this term.

Friday 25th January, the Year 5 and 6 athletics team represented Blanford Mere at an indoor event at Ellowes Sports College. Events included a sprint, a long distance run, relay, jumping and throwing. Of the 15 local teams represented, Blanford Mere came in an impressive 6th. A special mention goes to the Girls’ relay team who won their event. The team reported that they had had ‘an amazing experience’ and felt proud to have their team mates cheer them on.

Thank you

Thank you for your continued support and feedback from the English workshops. We received lots of positive feedback about how the workshops enable you to support your child at home.

Also, thanks to those parents who attended Parents Evening; this is a valuable opportunity for us talk about your child’s progress – to celebrate their strengths and talk about next steps for learning. We appreciate your support and know how much the children enjoy sharing their learning with you. Feedback from parents regarding our new online ‘signing up’ system for appointments was encouraging. Hopefully, now that more parents are using the School Life App, they will have greater access to newletters and messages sent from school.

Thank you to parents who completed a questionnaire during their visit – we shall be analysing these and sending you feedback next half term.

Maths Competition

Year 3/4, Lily B, Elizabeth V, Joshua T, Dominic P, Priya T and Grace A competed against other schools in Dudley Inter schools Maths competition on Monday 4th February. During the afternoon the children worked through a number of maths challenges. They had to work as a team to solve maths anagrams, problem solving and a Countdown style round. We are really proud of their effort, however, they were unsuccessful in getting through to the next round.

Mission X

Year 5 visited Kingswinford School on 8th and 15th February as part of the Mission X project. During last week’s session the children used plastic dishes and paper to stimulate bones and tested how more layers of 'bone' held a bigger mass. It was a very noisy afternoon, with lots of weights clattering on the benches! The children were engaged and enthused and are really looking forward to the rest of the sessions.

"Mission X was really fun!  The different experiments made learning about science interesting and extremely exciting." Issy A. Y5.

Singing Club - Morrisons

On Friday 8th February, Music Club represented our school brilliantly by singing at Morrisons - we had many positive comments from shoppers and staff.  The children sang really well and helped to raise  £132.00 in aid of 'World Cancer Day'. Thank you to everyone who came along to support us and who also donated.

"I really enjoyed going to sing at Morrisons because it made people smile." Abby Y6.

"I really enjoyed Morrisons because I love singing, the money goes to a good cause, and the manager even wore pink hair to sing with us!" Tom Y6.

"I thought it was great at Morrisons because all the people that saw us were smiling." Ben Y5.

What is World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day is led by the UICC, the Union for International Cancer Control. CRUK is one of its thousand members from across 162 countries, and we also sit on the board. World Cancer Day is the one singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. No single person, organisation or country is going to beat cancer on its own. We must all work together to make faster progress on our goal of 3 in 4 people surviving cancer by 2034. For more information click on the link below.

Safer Internet Day - Safeguarding children

Safer Internet Day – Safeguarding children

Last week, Safer Internet Day 2019 was celebrated globally with the theme: Together for a better internet. 

The aim of Safer Internet Day is to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

At Blanford Mere KS1 and KS2 assemblies were held, discussing when you should ask for permission online and when internet services may ask for your permission to use your personal data. The children then used this information in a follow up class activity to create their own information leaflets and posters in the form of a tablet screen.

This is what the children said:

"I liked learning about how to ask a grown up before you go on the tablet." Freya year 1

“I enjoyed writing a text message to ask for permission during Internet Safety week. I learnt what to do in certain situations to keep myself safe.” Caitlin year 4

For more information on this matter please click on the link:


Parental advice to children and young people on staying safe online.

The results from Dudley’s most recent ‘cybersurvey’ indicate that not all children and young people are taught to stay safe online by their parents or carers. The research shows that parents are most likely to give online safety advice to eleven year olds, but after this age, their input falls away until fewer than half of fifteen year olds receive parental input, even though they are at the highest risk of experiencing online problems. The results also show that parents and carers deliver more online safety advice to daughters and considerably less to sons. Being able to turn to a parent or carer when things go wrong is vital for keeping children and young people safe. And with this in mind we have pulled together the below advice from children and young people in Dudley to help you get started in talking to your children about staying safe online. Advice to parents and carers from children and young people in Dudley:

  • Show an interest – ask them what apps, games and websites they use and learn about the safety features on them (these are usually in the settings tab )
  • Help them feel comfortable talking to you – make sure they know they can talk to you about anything – if you don’t know the answer you can research it online together
  • Tell them to show you any messages they don’t like
  • Tell them where else they can go if they don’t feel comfortable talking to you about stuff (another relative /school nurse / childline etc)
  • Respect your children’s privacy – do not ‘snoop’ in their phone / websites
  • If something bad happens to your child online, support them – don’t punish them by taking away their mobile / internet access – it’s not their fault
  • Watch out for any changes in your child if you see any, share your concerns with the school to see if they have noticed anything
  • ‘Clean’ your child’s friend lists with them to make sure they really know all of their friends and who they are talking to
  • Tell them to keep passwords and personal details safe
  • Get a good firewall and use parental blocks where appropriate (depending on their age and maturity)
  • Don’t feel like you have to know everything and don’t feel silly if you don’t – look it up or ask somebody – your child will probably be able to tell you!
  • Go to information sessions at school to learn the most up to date information.
  • The below websites will help you to do all of the above and know how to deal with things if they go wrong!

    Science Stars

    It never ceases to amaze me how enthusiastic and talented the scientists of Blanford Mere are! The children below have challenged themselves to explore the world and its phenomenon, build new skills and share their learning with others in order to develop their Science Capital.

    Why not take the opportunity of Half Term to discover Science in everyday life and develop the Science Capital of your family? Remember that Science is all around us.

    Here are the latest Science Stars … Mrs Woodley.


    Willow and Everly noticed the frost on the ground outdoors. "I know what that is its frost. Jack frost. Jack frost has been again I just keep thinking about that I haven't seen him yet through" Willow says. "Its all crunchy" Everly says. The girls then tell the adult a short while later that the frost is melting because the sun has come out.

    Joseph S, Jamie H, Cole W, Amelia H

    The children's learning in Nursery has been based around the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. The children went on a sensory walk following the events in the story. The children described what it was like going through the long wavy grass, the cold river, the dark forest and the swirling, whirling snowstorm.

    Eleanor has been exploring what happens when paint is mixed with ice that is melting. "The ice is melting its because its warm in here. The colours are all changing, look, see, its turning a light blue now the ice is melting". Eleanor says.

    REC J

    Keaton A - Keaton was exploring reflections from the sun.

    Daniel L - Using a variety of materials and exploring textures to create models.

    REC C

    Tobias D & Enqi Z - working together to build a catapult and exploring forces.


    Rayarn C - Fantastic work comparing animals.

    Destiny S - Excellent observations when discussing changes in wintertime.

    Joseph B - Super effort when sorting animals into groups.

    Oliver G - Good scientific knowledge of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


    Tommy A - for being able to tell the class how animals adapt for the winter. 'A fox can change colour from brown to white so they can't be seen in the snow'.

    Arran H - for asking lots of curious questions about animals!

    William S - for his excellent knowledge about animals and being able to share this with the class. William knows lots of facts about different animals!

    Frankie R - for his excellent homework researching animals and finding out lots of facts!

    Zara F - for excellent sorting skills. Zara made her own Venn diagram sorting animals based on what they eat. Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores!


    Lola D : understanding how materials can be changed.

    Harvie J: sorting materials into groups for recycling.

    Grace E: explaining why materials are suitable for different purposes.

    Elissa W – awarded by Mrs Cope for ‘a good written method’ when explaining making slime.


    Henry W: Lots of input and knowledge about recycling!

    Lola E-W: Awarded by Mrs Woodley for using scientific vocabulary accurately to describe properties of materials in our test.

    Thomas M: always knowledgeable and enthusiastic in Science lessons!

    3-4 DA

    Ruby Y - For asking questions to further her understanding.

    Lily B - For excellent science knowledge.

    Kamran D R - For excellent work in science.

    Caitlin F - For always having her hand up in science lessons to answer questions.

    Noah S - For fantastic understanding in our Rocks and Soils topic.


    Michelle M– Identifying variables to control to make a fair test.

    Maxwell O – Asking lots of curious questions.

    Holly B – Carrying out an investigation accurately.

    Lilly C – Answering questions on how rocks form.

    Dexter P – Explaining how fossils are formed.


    Ekam S - Answering questions; explaining results when dissolving sugar in water of different temperatures.

    Seren S – Understanding questions, applying knowledge and interpreting investigations on our recent test - ‘Animals Including Humans’

    Anna D – Understanding solubility and a fabulous discussion about particle size in relation to dissolving abilities of solutes. Superb!

    Isabelle G – Detailed facts and understanding shown about how diet affects how well our body functions. Super!

    Amber F – Paying careful attention to fair test variables in our ‘Absorbency’ investigation.

    Freya K – Curious Questions asked; explaining what saturated solutions are and how to recover dissolved substances; wide range of scientific vocabulary used.


    Chloe G – Applying your learning to our recent ‘Animals Including Humans’ test, continuously trying hard and PRINCIPLE 9 – Challenging your own learning at home – super!

    Miley R – Totally engaged in our lesson, answering questions about food groups and asking your own Curious Questions too.

    Danny S – Answering questions; explaining results when dissolving sugar in water of different temperatures.

    Aaron E – Carrying out our ‘Absorbency’ investigation carefully and controlling fair test variables.

    Roxy H - Detailed comparisons and thoughtful questions you want to investigate.

    Abigail W – Solubility and reasoning why each result happened; presentation of predictions and results for our ‘Dissolving and Solutions’ investigation.

    Parking and Children's Health

    As you know, we regularly remind parents and family members to park with consideration for local residents.

    However, we have also had concern expressed to us recently about parents sitting in their cars leaving the engine running when dropping children off at school or collecting. I do appreciate their point that this surrounds children with engine fumes unnecessarily. I have been asked to bring to your attention that this is an offence:

    “On a public road, it is illegal to sit in your car whilst keeping the engine running within the UK. The Highway Code states: 'You MUST NOT leave a parked vehicle unattended with the engine running or leave a vehicle engine running unnecessarily while that vehicle is stationary on a public road'.

    Please help to look after the children’s health and the environment by turning engines off whilst waiting. Thank you.

    How to log on to Schoollife app.

    To access our website enter the following web address:              

    ‘School Life’ enables us to communicate more efficiently to the people that matter, you the parents and guardians of our children! You will receive push notifications, text messages, newsletters etc. to a number of devices. You would also be able to download the app and have constant access to any messages we are sending out!

    You will need to download the school life app from either the Google Play store (for Android smartphones and tablets) or the Apple App Store (for iPhones, iPods and iPads). Search for ‘schoollife’ (all one word) and then look for the School Life logo;

    Once downloaded and installed, open the app up and accept the notifications, when asked.

    Finally, login with your personal login details below and start receiving all the important notifications.

    If you do not have an Apple IOS or Google Android device, you can use your logon details on our school website to get all of the same content.

    Parent Fundraising Team

    A group of our parents are keen to work closely with school to support with fundraising and have offered to liaise with parents to maximise efforts. As you are probably aware, schools face tougher funding challenges than in previous years; we work hard to make our money stretch as far as possible to give children the best education and opportunities that we can. Parental support is very much appreciated. If you can offer help, either with your time or contacts then please see any of the parents below:

    Sarah Gregg                        Charlotte Fellows          Kathryn Matthews- Bill

    Victoria Lippitt                     Leanne Robinson             Samantha Clarke

    Izabela Amor                       Laura Hannon                 Amanda Taylor

    Faye Garrington                   Sarah Cox                      Siobhan Ratcliffe

    Dudley Music Education Hub Opportunities and Events Spring and Summer Term 2019

    Please see the information below from Dudley Performing Arts

    Perform at the Town Hall this Spring

    There are opportunities for all students to take part in concerts at Dudley Town Hall in April. DPA have groups for all children regardless of ability level and many are already signed up to various bands, choirs and orchestras. These opportunities are open to all students in Dudley whether or not they currently learn with DPA and details can be found at the link below.

    Events and activities for the half term break.

    Please click on the links below to see the range of activities on offer throughout Dudley.


    School Photographs!

    The date for ‘The Photographer’ has been arranged to Tuesday 5th March 2019. Individual photographs will be taken for those children in school who have no brothers/sisters at school. Where there are two or more children from a family in school, they will be photographed together. If you would like any other combination taken i.e. brothers and sisters taken separately as well as together, then please let us know in writing by Monday 4th March. We ask that all children wear the correct winter uniform to include, shirt, tie and jumper/cardigan.  

    Children in Year 6 will have photographs taken for a group leaver’s photo. If your child is not in school on this date (illness, appointments etc) then they will not be included in the photograph.  Afternoon Nursery children, should they wished to be photographed, to arrive at 8.30am.

    Future Dates:

    Yr 5 Mission X – Friday 8th, 15th February and 1st and 8th March

    Friday 15th February – school closes for half term at 3.15pm

    Monday 25th February – school re-opens at 8.50am

    Tuesday 26th February – Year 5/6 Maths Championships

    Tuesday 5th March – School Photographer – more details to follow

    Thursday 7th March – World book Day.

    As part of the celebrations we would like your child to come to school dressed as their favourite book character e.g. Harry Potter, The Gruffalo, Little Red Riding Hood etc. or in their pyjamas, onesies or dressing gowns. Please do not feel that you have to go out and spend lots of money on an expensive fancy dress outfit for your child. Some of the best characters have been creatively put together with items that were already in homes.

    Friday 22nd March – INSET DAY - School closed to pupils

    Wishing you all an enjoyable half term,


    Mrs Miller


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