8th March Newsletter 2019

Article 2

All children have these rights, no matter who they are, where they live, what their parents do, what language they speak, what their religion is, whether they are a boy or a girl, what their culture is, whether they have a disability, whether they are rich or poor. No child should be treated unfairly on any basis.

Attendance winners

Attendance winners for February were 5/6O with a huge 98.60% - well done!

Pen Licences

Congratulations to Olivia M and Elizabeth V in 3/4  on gaining their pen licences.

Mike Wood MP visit

Our Rights Respecting Champions had the opportunity to meet Mike Wood, our local MP, on Friday 1st March and told him all about our work in school on children’s rights.  They asked him questions about air pollution and what the government are doing to improve air quality in the UK.  He told them all about UK initiatives such as the new electric tram which will run out of Birmingham, but also about global issues and how poorer countries are beginning to improve their technology in industry.  He also talked to us about our campaign and suggested ways in which we might help to improve our local environment.

Olivia, Year 3,  

“It was great to have a chance to speak to our local MP”.

Dominic, Year 6,

“Our meeting with our local MP, Mike Wood, was really good because he was able to understand what we were doing to stop air pollution.  Mike informed us what he was doing”.

Mason, Year 1,

“We liked meeting our MP”.

Fundraising thanks

We received a letter from Mary Steven’s Hospice, thanking you for raising money for their charity. Please click on the link to read the letter.

Yr 3/4 Sparks Workshop

On Wednesday afternoon year 3/4 were visited by our local fire service for an informative and fun afternoon. The children watched a short film showing how quickly fire spreads, then they will found out about:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Escape plans
  • Emergency calls
  • Fire hazards
  • Stop, drop and roll
  • Pedestrian safety
  • In-car safety.
  • The children found the afternoon fun and had the opportunity to meet real life fire fighters and ask an array of questions.This is what the children said:

    Ruby Y “ I enjoyed learning where all of the fire alarms were kept and how to keep safe”

    Joshua T “ It was really interesting to hear how we can check our fire alarms at home and how to keep us and our families safe”

    Daniel E “ I went home and we checked all of our alarms straight away”

    James H “ I enjoyed it because I learnt how to get in touch with the fire brigade if my fire alarm doesn’t work at home “

    Caitlin F “ I liked it because it was interesting and we learnt new things about real life”

    World Book Day

    A big “Thank You” to parents for your support. The children and staff looked fabulous and had made a big effort to join in. Every child was given a £1 book token which either can be exchanged for a £1 book or go towards buying a book. Please check your child’s bag for this.

    Children’s comments:

    Emily C “I enjoyed bringing myself into the English work when we wrote a character description.”

    Ethan T “I enjoyed the writing because it was about ourselves and our qualities. “

    Kamran D R “I enjoyed it when the parents came into read. It was something different.”

    Adam D “We had to use all of our skills in Maths to problem solve and learn about new authors. It was good.”

    Grace H “I enjoyed collecting data about what we read about in our classes.”

    I think World Book Day is good because it's nice sharing a book with someone.  It gets other people to want to read a book too. Daniel H (5/6O)

    I think World Book Day is good because when you read a book to someone it helps their imagination and yours. It also makes other people want to read. Megan S (5/6O)

    I think World Book Day is good for people who don't really like reading to maybe enjoy it more. You can also share the book you really like with other people that might not have heard about it. Jessica S (5/6O)

    Arran H - 'I love WBD because we get chance to dress up.'

    Heather P - 'I love reading because it helps me in my writing.'

    Zara F - 'My favourite book is Stickman because it is so funny.'

    Isabel M said ‘I enjoyed my mum coming into school to share a story with me and my friends.’

    Seth D said ‘I loved dressing up as Harry Potter and sharing my Harry Potter book with my friends.’

    Jaiya U said ‘It was fun designing a World Book Day book token for a competition.’

    REC J -

    Daniel L - "I love world book day because I am fantastic at reading"

    Masie S - "I am the Mad hatter and it is from Alice"

    George F - "World book day is fun, I can dress up"

    REC C -

    Daisy-Mae D - "I can wear my Belle dress because I am beautiful"

    Jonty Mc - "I love to read so world book day is my favourite"

    Leo F C - "I like dressing up its cool".

    Bobbie C "I liked dressing up as a pirate from my story."

    Mason D "I enjoyed seeing everyone in their costumes."

    Darcie G "I liked making the perfect day potion like the boy in the story 'When I Grow Up'".

    Morrison's Donation

    Morrison’s came into school on yesterday on World Book Day to donate a lovely selection of books to the library. The children are excited to read the fantastic selection! We would like to say a huge thank you for their kind donation.

    We look forward to entertaining the shoppers and supporting local causes with Mr Baker and Singing Club in the near future.

    Healthy Break Policy

    A reminder that Blanford Mere Primary School recognises the importance of a healthy, nutritious diet for all children. Therefore in line with guidance from Dudley Healthy Schools, we have adopted their recommended policy on break time snacks.

    The policy covers foods and drinks brought in from home for break and aims to support all pupils to consume a healthy, nutritious snack.

    The policy can be found on the school website and states that pupils can only bring in the following food and drink items for consumption at break-time.

    • Fruit
    • Vegetables
    • Water

    Food and drinks that do not comply with the policy will be taken from pupils and returned to them at the end of the day.

    The free fruit and vegetable scheme is available to KS2 pupils, where parents can pay on a half termly basis. Reception and Years 1 and 2 receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable every break-time. If you have any queries please contact your child’s class teacher. We hope parents will support us with this.

    Many thanks for those parents who do.


    We all have a responsibility for the welfare of our children. If something concerns you about the welfare of a child within school then please contact the class teacher in the first instance who will refer to the Schools Designated Safeguarding Leads within school. If you have concerns which are not school based you can: Call the children's services referral and advice service on 0300 555 0050 during office hours (9am - 5pm). Out of office hours contact the Emergency Duty Team on 0300 555 8574 or in an emergency call 999. Alternatively you can call ChildLine on 0800 1111 or email them by visiting

    Forthcoming dates:

  • Mon 11th – Fri 15th March National Science Week
  • Friday 15th March – Red Nose Day. Children to come dressed in their own clothes or anything red for a £1 donation
  • Thursday 21st MarchMenu change, as it is Inset on 22nd March Pizza lunch will be served on Thursday instead of Friday.
  • Friday 22nd March INSET day – School Closed to pupils
  • Thursday 11th April - Each child from Nursery to Year 2, should they wish to take part, will need an Easter bonnet for a traditional ‘Easter Bonnet Parade’ for the school during the morning assembly. Afternoon Nursery children will Parade throughout KS1 and Reception. Please work with your child at home to make the bonnet; being as adventurous or as simple as you like. This can be as straightforward as a bonnet from a simple cardboard band painted in Easter and Spring colours to papier mache eggs, rabbits and lambs. This is not a competition, but a bit of fun and a chance for you to create something fun with your child!
  • Friday 12th April break for Easter holiday at 3.15pm
  • Monday 29th April – school reopens at 8.50am
  • KS1 Yr 2 Testing from 1st May until Friday 24th May – please do not to book any holidays during this time please.
  • Thursday 2nd May – Polling Day – School closed to pupils
  • Monday 6th May – Bank Holiday
  • KS2 SATs Testing week – Monday 13th – Friday 17th May – Please inform the school immediately if your child is unable to attend due to illness. Do not book any holidays during this time please.
  • Friday 24th May – Sports Day – weather permitting. More details nearer the time.
  • Friday 24th May – Half term – school closes at 3.15pm
  • Monday 3rd June – school reopens at 8.50am
  • Yr 1 Phonic screen checks – Monday 10th – Friday 21st June. More details nearer the time.
  • Have a lovely weekend.

    Mrs Miller


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