Dear Parents, 
Thank you so much for your engagement and feedback with our Remote Learning via Teams so far. We are all learning and would appreciate your continued feedback on this process. Below are a few FAQs that cropped up yesterday.
I do not have access to broadband/internet/devices.
We have a limited number of free SIM cards in school. These can be used to access the Teams app on your smartphone. Please get in touch if you have need of one.
There is also a government run scheme to allow data increases for families who are struggling (
We are aware devices at home may be being used by adults during the day and would therefore advise that Teams is accessible on phones, laptops, PCs, tablets and other devices with internet browsers such as Playstations, Nintendo Switches and Xboxes. Early feedback seems to indicate that the app works best on a smartphone.
How do I log on?
Please see the detailed instructions sent previously.  If your child does not know their email address or password and is still having issues getting access to Teams, please email us at
How do I submit my child's work?
Please add work to the assignment. This can be a Word/PPT document or a photograph of hand-written work.  Once the relevant document has been added, please ensure you click on the 'Hand In' button on the top right of the screen.  Please note, you can hand in work as and when it is completed and do not need to wait for the end of the week when all tasks have been done.
I've already handed in some work, but would like to add some more.
Click 'Undo hand in' and upload the additional work, then 'Hand in' again. 
Where will I find the work set for my child?
Details of the assignments set should appear on both the General tab of your Child's Class Team, as well as on the assignment tab.
When I click on assignments, all I see is a picture of a bag and Get Started; or it's just blank with Get Started.
If you click Get Started, the assignments will appear.
Please note; we are finding that some children are using the Teams page as a social media feed and are adding personal updates about their day. Please ensure that the Teams feed is used solely for communicating with teachers about work. We understand that many children will miss their friends and will want to chat to them, but please ensure they are doing this privately.
We hope that this clarifies any concerns that you may be experiencing and helps your child's access the remote learning.
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