29th November 2019

Article 31

Every child has the right to rest and leisure and to engage in play and recreational activities.

Recent events that have happened in school.

RRSA Take Home tasks

The children have been looking at the innovative games that were sent into school at the beginning of November.  This is what the children said:


Leo, Talking about the game he has made.

"You throw the counters in the pots and then can win."

Luke, Talking about the game he has made (Snakes and Ladders).

"You start at the bottom and then you have to go up the ladders and down the snakes."

Zara - Talking about the game she has made (Table top football/Football).

"You have to spin the sticks around to move the ball to score a goal."


Jamie H - "I like this game because I think you have to put the balls through the holes".

Eleanor B - "I think you have to match the smiley faces, it is really cool."

Autumn E - "You have to pick the fish up and hook them. They used cardboard."

Thomas - "This game looks really fun because it’s got old pegs to play with."

Year 1

Ellie said 'I enjoyed making my game out of tin cans.'

Archie and Ava 'We made a cup and ball game.'

Charlie had fun playing his game with his classmates.  'My pirate game was made out of a shoe box, a plastic bottle and some stones.'

Kyla said 'My noughts and crosses game was made from card and bottle tops.'

Year 2

Lennon V - 'That game is so cool! I really like that it uses a fan.'

Heather P - 'There are so many recycled materials in that game. I love the multi-coloured toilet rolls!'

Alby BC - 'This is awesome! I love the football game. When can we play them?!'

Aurora A - 'I can't wait to play these games. It is really clever how people have used so many different recycled materials!'

Year 3/4

James - “I enjoyed my game because it’s another way of using recycled materials for something fun.”

Poppy - “It was fun because you got to decorate things in an artistic way.”

Dougie – “I made cubes out of cardboard and a balloon.  You throw it in the bowl.  Using rubbish made me think about saving the environment and children who don't have a lot of toys.”

Lola DW – “I really enjoyed the take home task because I got to make a Minecraft Build Me a House.  It took me ages to find my game - there are lots to look at.  Mine is in the Reception!”

Alyx – “I think all of the games look really good around school. You can tell everyone has worked really hard to make them fun!”

Lola – “I really liked making my hoop throwing game at home with different materials. Games don't always have to cost too much money for people to like playing them.”

Year 5/6

Sofia & Simar: "We enjoyed painting and designing a board game out of cardboard."

Jess: "I enjoyed collecting pebbles to create my game."

Paige W – “I really enjoyed doing it because I improved my crafting skills and it gave me an opportunity to make and play the game with my little brother.”

Isabelle G – “I enjoyed using recyclable materials because I like to be eco-friendly.”

Alex – “I was amazed how good the games looked and how much time people had spent on them. I would love to play some!”

Swimming Gala

On Thursday 21st November, Paige W, Isobel F, Sofia M, Aurora M, Dominic P, Ben C Finn F and Kian M -children from Year 5 and 6 represented the school at a swimming gala at Ellowes Hall Sports College.  The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all competitors and was a fantastic experience.

Sam Ayris – School Games Organiser and teacher said “Thank you for attending the swimming competition last week, I hope your students had an enjoyable experience.”

Girls results

1st - Milking Bank

2nd - Withymoor

3rd - Roberts B

4th - Glynne A

5th - Church of the Ascension A

6th - Fairhaven

7th - Bromley Hills

8th - Red Hall

9th - Maidensbridge

10th - Blanford Mere

11th - Roberts A

12th - St Mary's

13th - Glynne B

14th - Church of the Ascension B

15th - Brierley Hill

Boys results 

1st - Maidensbridge

2nd - St Mary's (Did not meet participant criteria in relay) 

3rd - Milking Bank

4th - Roberts B

5th - Church of the Ascension A

6th - Glynne A

7th - Church of the Ascension B

8th - Withymoor

9th - Bromley Hills

10th - Glynne B

11th - Roberts A

12th - Blanford Mere

13th - Red Hall

14th - Brierley Hill

15th - Fairhaven

Music Club at Arise Church

Music Club children have been extremely busy over the past few weeks rehearsing for their upcoming Christmas events.  On Wednesday 27th November, they sang at Arise Church. It was their first performance for an audience and they performed brilliantly. They really enjoyed themselves and received many positive comments from Arise Church.

“I enjoyed it because some people did solos.” Lily, Year 3.

“It was fun singing at Arise and I got to sing in a trio.” Ella, Year 6.

“I enjoyed singing for an audience.” Jaiya, Year 3.

Poppy Appeal

WOW! We had an overwhelming amount of support for the Poppy Appeal this year. We raised £345.05 - which was amazing. We thank you and the children so much for your generosity in supporting this great cause.

Children in Need

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause – we raised £315.45.  This is fantastic!

Christmas Post Box

The Christmas post box will be in the library from Monday 2nd December. A plea - could children please write surnames and classes on the envelope otherwise they become impossible to give to the right people!  We will not be issuing class lists for GDPR reasons. 

Parent workshops - Maths

Thank you to those parents who attended the recent maths workshops.  Parents told us that they found the workshop really useful and informative.  It has enabled them to support their children further with maths.

Staffing News

We say goodbye and thank you to Mrs Gallagher, who has only been with us for a short time.  She will be leaving to spend more time with her family.  We are pleased to welcome Mrs Lacey, who will be joining the 3/4 team.

Thank you

Thank you to those parents who have responded so quickly and returned forms/money by the deadline date of Friday 22nd November. We will do our best to accommodate parent preferences for dates etc. A number of parents have taken the opportunity to ask that we donate their ‘‘change’ towards Christmas activities for the children in school. Your generosity and kind thoughts are both very much appreciated.  We can no longer accept any more forms or money for the forthcoming events.  We will be sending tickets out in the next few weeks.

Christmas Breakfast

We have had an overwhelming response to this event, yet again. We have allocated the slots in the order that they we received the slips and money.  As you are aware, the hall only holds a certain number of adults and children at once and we only have the capacity to serve a particular number of adults and children in any one sitting.  We apologise in advance if you have not got the slot that you requested, but we have done our best.

Operation Christmas Child

A huge thank you to those families who sent a shoebox filled with gifts.  They are now on their way to those children, who without your generosity, would not receive anything this Christmas time.


Places in Reception Class for September 2020

A reminder that the closing date for applications to Dudley for places in Reception classes for 2020 is 15th January 2020. The deadline is rapidly approaching! Don’t forget that all parents need to apply; there is no automatic transfer from Nursery to Reception.


Children's Raffle

Haribo sweets



Take a Chance Game

Jumping Discs Game

Slide and Spin Magic Puzzle

Magic Cube Puzzle

Magic Snow

There will also be an adult’s raffle, the tickets will be sold at the Christmas Breakfast for £1 per strip, and again the draw will take place during assembly in the last week of this term.

Adults Raffle

Christmas Cake

Red Wine  

White Wine  

Heroes Chocolates

Foxes Biscuits

Baking set

We hope that you will support the raffles taking place.  The proceeds go towards activities for the children throughout the year.  As you know, school subsides trips for the children throughout the year and provides other opportunities for children to participate in free of charge.  This money contributes towards this.  Thank you!

Forthcoming events

  • Wednesday 4th December – Christmas Rehearsal – St Mary’s – no tuck will be sold on this day – so please send children with a piece of fruit and a drink.
  • Thursday 5th Dec – Film Night 3.15pm – 5.15pm. Please note there will be no football or multi-sports tonight!
  • Yr 1 – Yr 6 Performance at St Marys Church Wednesday 11th December 9.30am and 1.30pm ONLY one date this year.
  • Nursery and Reception Parent Christmas Workshop in School– date changed to Tuesday 10th December from Thursday 12th December due to The General Elections.  Nursery AM – Reception PM – more details to follow.
  • Thursday 12th December – School closed to pupils – General Elections
  • Friday 13th December – Christmas Breakfast
  • Tuesday 17th December – Christmas Lunch  
  • Wednesday 18th December – Santa’s Grotto
  • Thursday 19th December – Whole school Christmas Party -
  • Friday 20th December – Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Singalong
  • Friday 20th December – break up for holiday at 3.15pm
  • Monday 6th January 2020 – school re-opens at 8.50am
  • Mrs Miller


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