New Nursery and children continuing in Nursery from September.

Stay and Play session for new Nursery children – please read the letter that was sent to you explaining the session, timings etc.  For children who currently attend our Nursery and will be remaining In Nursery from September – please drop off and collect at your usual times.

New Reception class— arrangements were discussed at the transition meeting.  Current Nursery children will attend the transition day too.  Parents should take their child to the Reception class gate on Earlswood Road at 9.15am and collect at 3.00pm.  Please send your child to school on this day with a packed lunch and a named refillable drinks bottle with water in.  If your child attends our Nursery they should wear their usual uniform.  For new children, pleased send your child dressed in comfortable practical clothing, that they can manage by themselves when they go to the toilet.  

New Year 1—please take your child to the KS1 gate along the main pathway to the park (this is the gate near to the KS1 play area).  The children will be in their new class with their new teachers all day. Time – 8.55am – 3.20pm.  Reception children will be shown where to line up and have already visited the Year 1 classroom so that they can familiarise themselves with a new routine. Fruit will be provided as usual.

New Year 2—. The same gate as usual; but different classroom and teacher and different start time - 8.45am – 3.10pm. Fruit will be provided as usual.

New Year 3 - all current year 2 children need to enter the KS2 playground via the end KS2 gate (the end gate nearest the park) in the morning and will be dismissed from there at the end of the day. Please send your child with a piece of fruit. 8.55am – 3.20pm (Different timing). Children will be shown which door to use to enter their new classroom on Friday 8th July.

New Year 4—all arrangements as usual—just different classes and teachers. 8.55am – 3.20pm

New Year 5 —Please enter the KS2 playground via the ‘middle’ KS2’ gate—just different classes, teachers and time. 8.45am – 3.10pm

New Year 6—all arrangements as usual—just different classes, teachers and time. 8.45am – 3.10pm

Current Year 6 children come to school as normal. Various Secondary Schools have different transition days for your child to attend.

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