Arrangements for Parents’ Consultation July 2022:

We are holding our Parents’ in-school consultation on Wednesday 13th July for Nursery (for children who will be starting Reception in September 2022) to Year 6.

  • Reports will be sent out at the end of the day on Thursday 7th July for children from Nursery to Year 6. A Nursery report will only be sent for the children who will be starting school in September.
  • Each report will be in a sealed envelope in your child’s bag. Details of class organisation and your child’s new teacher will also be included. Receiving the report before the parents’ consultation meeting should give you time to read it thoroughly and decide whether or not you would like to see your child’s teacher.
  • There will be a form on the school website – in the ‘forms’ pencil and labelled ‘Report 2022 reply slip’ for you to complete from tomorrow. This enables us to know that you have received the report and asks you to indicate if you would like an appointment to talk with your child’s teacher. The report should give a full account of your child’s progress and targets for the next academic year. Please return the ‘Online form’ by 2.30pm on Friday 8th July, so that members of staff can allocate enough opportunities for those parents who would like to talk to them to discuss an element of the report. You will be allocated a time from 3.30pm to talk to your child’s class teacher regarding an element of the report. Please be aware that appointments allow a maximum of 7 minutes for each set of parents. If you need additional discussion time, you may need to make a further appointment on another day with your child’s teacher.
  • If you have indicated that you would like an appointment to discuss the report, an allocated time will be sent in your child's planner on Friday 8th July 2022.  (Please have the report with you at Parents’ Evening ready to discuss key points).  If the allocated time is inconvenient, then write a note to the class teacher in your child’s planner, so that they can allocate another slot.
  • Staff may also ask to see you to discuss certain elements of your child’s report, where further discussion will enable home and school to work together, so that children have a swift start in September. If so, there will be a note with your child’s report and an allocated time for you to see the teacher.  If this is not convenient, please arrange an alternative time with your child’s teacher.
  • If you have not indicated that you would like to see your child’s teacher by Friday 8th July at 2.30pm—then an appointment time will not be allocated.
  • Separated parents who are already on our mailing list to receive their information, will have their reports posted to them. The report will be sent home in your child’s bag to the parent who the child resides with.

We hope that the information given is clear and we would really appreciate your support.

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