Odd Socks Day

On Monday 16th November, to launch ‘Anti-bullying Week’, children came to school wearing odd socks to raise awareness that ‘It’s ok to be different!’  We talked about unity and working as a team to keep everyone safe and happy.

Rec J:

Arlo - Because it's odd socks day.

Kayla - We wear odd socks because we are different.

Rec C:

Abel - You get to wear odd socks, they are different. 

Evie - Odd socks day is about you having to wear odd socks.


Charlie – I loved wearing odd socks and designing my own!

Mya – I loved ‘Odd Socks Day’ because I liked choosing which ones to wear.  It’s ok to be different!


Arjun – I enjoyed the virtual assembly about ‘Odd Socks Day’!

Abigail – I liked the song about odd socks and I learnt that it’s ok to be different.


Harroop - Monday was odd socks day. It shows we are all different.

Kyla - I wore colourful socks for odd socks day. It was the start of Anti-bullying Week.


Jacob - I wore odd socks to school to show I am different to everyone else.

Tobias - We learnt a new word- unique. It is ok to be different. 


Joshua – We wore odd socks for anti-bullying. It felt funny putting odd socks on to come to school!

Alyx – We wore odd socks to show that we are all different, special and unique.


James - I loved wearing odd socks to school. We did it to show that everyone is different and special in their own way.

Luke J - I think Odd Socks Day is great because everyone gets to show their differences and understand that we are all unique.

Mason R - I enjoyed Odd Socks Day because everyone gets to see how we can all be different and if everyone was the same, the world would be really boring.


Will, - I think odd socks day is good because it shows that people can be different.

Paige - I enjoyed wearing odd socks because people are all different.


Hope - I enjoyed Odd Socks Day, it’s a celebration of everyone being different and that people should be happy to be different.

Dexter - I enjoyed wearing Odd Socks and learning about how we are different.

Anti-Bullying Week

We had a very busy week learning about anti-bullying! The theme was ‘united against bullying’ and we explored the positive power that society can have when we come together to tackle a common challenge. 


Rebecca - You can share with your friends to be kind. If you don't have kind hands and kind feet children can feel sad.

Jessie - You can make your friends happy by finding out what they like. 

Piper - If you make someone happy they smile with their mouth". 

Rocco - If you are not very kind to people they can feel sad. Their face might look angry or crying.

Rec J:

Samuel - Bullying is being nasty to people.

Lyla - Being not kind.

Rec C:

Jenson - We learnt about bullies, bullies are mean.

Ava - I learnt that bullies are bad. 


Thomas – It helped us to learn about what bullying means.

Everly – I liked learning about how to be kind to others and I like to help people.


Isla – We learnt all about being kind to others and not bullying.

Amelia – I learnt about STOP…several times on purpose.


Daisy-Mae - 'Bullying’ is when something happens several times on purpose.

Leo T - 'We are united against bullying.'


Sophie - This week was all about being kind I wore a special top which said, 'stay kind'. 

Luca - No-one should be bullied for being different.'


Mason D - I really enjoyed writing a letter in our English lessons to persuade Little Bird to stop bullying Big Bird. I've also learnt lots about Cyberbullying and how it makes people feel.

Jack J - I think we should all unite against bullying because it is wrong to bully and it is mean and unkind to other people and can have a long-lasting effect on their lives.  I have also enjoyed learning about cyberbullying


Lennon - Anti-Bullying week is the best thing to do because bullying is bad.  It has reminded me that bullying happens several times on purpose.  Say no to bullying and yes to anti-bullying.

Demi - I think that Anti-Bullying week is a good idea because bullying is bad. I want to try and stop it happening.


Rayarn – The work we have done has been great because it teaches us not to bully others.

Olivia M: I’ve really enjoyed the activities and I’ve learned a lot about bullying.


Caitlin - This week we have been learning about Anti-bullying and Anne Frank and how she was not treated well by some people.  I thought it was very interesting.  This links with Article 38: you have the right to protection and freedom from war.

Will - I think odd socks day is good because it shows that people can be different.


Hope - For anti-bullying week, we were reminded that people can be upset and hurt by our actions.

Dexter - We must treat each other equally because if we don't then it is unfair.

World Children's Day

To round off our week with some further learning through fun, we focussed on our work about children’s rights and completed work towards our campaign ‘raising awareness’ and celebrating 30 years of children’s rights.  The children looked wonderful wearing blue! Many thanks as always for your continued support.


Abel - The children in Nursery all have a house, bed and toy room. Everybody has to stay warm" 

Rebecca - The little boy refugee might be hungry because he is not very safe in his country". 

Rec J - 

Elizabeth - We all wear blue because its children's day.

Samuel - Because we are celebrating being children.

Rec C - 

Marni - If you wear clothes, you can join in with blue day and it’s for children.

Jenson - We are thinking about children who do not have houses and they are refugees.


Ellie – I liked celebrating ‘World Children’s Day’ by wearing our own blue clothes.

Jamie – I liked learning about lots of children’s rights around the world and how we can help to make the world a better place for everyone.


Joseph – We made a paper plate earth and paper dolls to stick around the world.  Every child in the world has rights.



Siyanna - On World Children's Day we learnt about Marcus Rashford, he wants no children to go to bed hungry.

Leo F-C - We have made our own game, I made my own cards about my rights.


Rose I help a girl in Africa whose life is very different to ours. We help her to improve her life.

Archie - We wore blue to raise awareness of children's rights all over the world. 


Lucy – We’ve been celebrating UNICEf’s 30th birthday and thinking about the Articles and our right’s.  I liked thinking about what the world might be like in 30 years.

Lily-May - We have done World Children’s Day to celebrate the 30th birthday of the ‘Rights of the Child’.  It’s important because it’s good for children. I have enjoyed designing a garden to give children the chance to respect their Rights.


Dougie S - I really liked looking at the book "If the world were a village of 100 people" and finding out that there are nearly twice as many chickens in the world as people!  We made bar charts to show which type of animals people eat in the world.  Did you know that people eat camels and horses?!

Holly R - I really enjoyed designing our Rights Respecting 30th Birthday Gardens.  I put flower beds, a vegetable patch and a forest in mine so that people could be healthy and have good mental well-being to show Article 24.  I really liked making the bar charts in maths too.


Alex - my favourite part of the day was drawing our bird's-eye view of the park.

Zach - in Maths we had to imagine a world with only 100 people in it. We also learnt about different religions.


Josh - The 100 people world in a village has shown me how lucky we are to have stuff. We calculated percentages of children with clean air."


Mason - We wrote a poem comparing children of 1944 with children of 2020, with a focus on Anne Frank.

Tyler - Maths was enjoyable and showed me that some children don't have safe air to breathe because of air pollution. Some children don't even have safe, clean water.

Thank you for taking the time to read our children’s lovely comments.  As you can see, they all learnt lots and enjoyed the engaging activities that staff prepared in order to make this special week a success.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Mrs. J. Cartwright

PSHE Curriculum Leader

School Council Leader

RRSA Leader

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