28th February 2019 Newsletter

Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing, or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.

Welcome back. I hope that you and the children enjoyed the half term break, especially with the lovely weather. I cannot believe we are almost in March! We have yet another busy half term ahead.

Pen Licences

Congratulations to the following children on gaining their pen licence

Mackenzie W - Y6 

Ethan P - Y6.

Times Tables Rock Stars - TTRS KS2 competition winners:

Y6 = Dominic W

Y5 = Daniel H

Y4 = Finley R

Y3 = Emily C

Well done to everyone who took part - keep learning your times tables and increasing your TTRS speed. All winners received a £10 Amazon voucher.

A special mention to some KS1 TT Rock Stars: Jack J and Harrison G in Year 2 who are already TT Rock Stars.  Also, Henry C in Year 1 who answered over 500 questions correctly in 1 week. Well done!

The next TTRS competition will run from February half-term until July.  

The 4 winners in July will all receive an Amazon Kindle to play TT Rock Stars on.

Kinetic Science Theatre Visit.

The children in Year 1-6 were treated to a fascinating Science lesson with a difference on Wednesday 13th February. The Kinetic Theatre Company brought to life the topic of ‘Sound’ in their music hall melodrama performance of ‘Lady Cecily’s Sound Box’ based in London during Victorian Britain – this even made links with our History curriculum.

Fascinating facts were shared, our Science Capital was developed further and Science wowed the children yet again… Mrs Woodley.

Jaiya Y2:

‘I was amazed when Mrs Hayward’s voice was changed! I learned that sound travels in waves.’

Zach Y2:

‘I learned that sounds vibrate the air.’

Xavi Y2:

‘I learned that your vocal chords vibrate.’

Lily-Mae Y2:

‘Sounds can travel under water.’

Caitlin Y3-4:

’I know that sound travels at 330 metres per second.’

Joshua Y3-4:

’I found out that the fastest vibrations a human can hear is 20000 (this is a very high pitched sound) and the slowest is 20 vibrations per second.’

Y3-4 Lexi:

‘I Learnt that sound travels through water and it was amazing.’

Y3-4 Iris:

’I really liked that they made a mini loudspeaker that actually vibrated and worked when turned on. I found it interesting that thunder is actually caused by lightning moving and heating up the air causing vibrations that make a rumble noise called a thunder clap.

Y3-4 Evelynn:

‘I the sound box. I have learnt sound moves by moving air particles.’

Rayarn 1H

"I liked seeing the set and how they used the different doors to come in and out. It was like a real house!"

Bobbie 1H

"I liked the science jokes, it was funny".

Isabella 1H

"I liked the science songs that they sang."

Maisie 1P

"I liked the last bit because it made me laugh".

Lennon 1P

"I liked the part where the bomb exploded! It was loud!"

Zara 1P

"I liked to see the actors."

Year 1’s Curious Questions:

Bobbie Carter 1H

“How do we make sound to talk?"

Destiny 1H

"How do cats and dogs make different noises?"

Mason 1H

"How do we make our voice loud using our vocal chords?"

Josh 1P

"Can you hear underwater?"

Y5-6 Dominic:

‘The Kinetic Theatre was awesome because I learnt that sound travels at 300 million meters per second!’

Y5-6 Ekam: ‘

Kinetic Theatre taught me science through an amazing piece of drama.’

Y5-6 Seren:

‘Sound travels in waves. The songs were full of facts.’

Olivia Y2:

“My WOW moment was when the sound from speaker vibrated the air and made the candle flame shake.’

Jack Y2:

‘My WOW moment was when the sound machine changed the teacher’s voice!’

Year 1 Katie Morag day: 14th Feb

Year 1 spent a wonderful day visiting their new friend Katie Morag on the small Scottish Isle of Struay. Everyone dressed up as one of their favourite characters from the books. The children enjoyed many cross-curricular activities to include painting landscapes with The Lady Artist, cooking Scottish Shortbread with Mrs McColl, making their own tartan patterns with Grandma Mainland, helping out in the Post Office and shop, learning a Scottish Dance and eating Haggis.

Parents came into school on Tuesday 26th February to see the ‘islands’ that the children had made – thank you!

5/6 Maths Challenge

On Tuesday 26th February, Ekam, Simar, Morgan, Daniel, Nathan and Ethan represnted Blanford Mere at Maths Challenge.  The team faced several local schools in the competition at Belle Vue Primary School and WON!

They were extremely excited and are now in the final which will take place in June. We are proud of them all and wish them luck at the final. 

School Photographs!

The date for ‘The Photographer’ has been arranged for Tuesday 5th March 2019. Individual photographs will be taken for those children in school who have no brothers/sisters at school. Where there are two or more children from a family in school, they will be photographed together. If you would like any other combination taken i.e. brothers and sisters taken separately as well as together, then please let us know in writing by Monday 4th March. We ask that all children wear the correct winter uniform, to include shirts, ties, and jumpers/cardigans.   Children in Year 6 will have photographs taken for a group leaver’s photo. If your child is not in school on this date (illness, appointments etc.) then they will not be included in the photograph.

Safeguarding Online.

We have had a few worried children in school regarding the latest ‘Momo Challenge’ and wanted to warn parents of what you can do at to help at home. Please read the advice below and talk to your children about the issue, following the advice from National Online Safety.


The ‘Momo Challenge’ has hit the headlines again after warnings that the game has been 'hacked' into kids' YouTube videos - but how concerned should parents be? The ‘Momo Challenge’ is a sick game that encourages children to harm themselves in a series of unpleasant challenges, some of which are dangerous and extremely serious.

National Online Safety - a group of online safety experts that provides advice for schools - has issued seven useful tips to help anyone who is afraid of what their child might come across.

National Online Safety said it had been contacted by hundreds of schools and parents about the challenge, and so in response has published an advice guide. We have also attached a useful factsheet for parents to give you more information.

The 'Momo challenge', which targets youngsters, begins with a shadowy controller sending violent images to the victim over WhatsApp or online games.

It threatens the player if they refuse to follow 'orders'.

  • Tell them it's not real
  • Just like any urban legend or horror story, the concept can be quite frightening and distressing for young people.

    Whilst this may seem obvious, it’s important for you to reiterate to your child that Momo is not a real person and cannot directly harm them.

    Also, tell your child to not go openly searching for this content online as it may only cause more distress.

  • Be present
  • It’s important for you, as a parent or carer, to be present while your children are online.

    This will give you a greater understanding of what they are doing on their devices, as well as providing you with the opportunity to discuss, support and stop certain activities that your child may be involved in.

    As the nature of each task become progressively worse it’s also important to recognise any changes in your child’s behaviour.

  • Talk regularly
  • As well as monitoring your child’s activity, it’s important for you discuss it with them too.

    Not only will this give you an understanding of their online actions, but those honest and frequent conversations will encourage your child to feel confident to discuss issues and concerns they may have related to the online world.

  • Device settings and parental controls
  • Ensure that you set up parental controls for your devices at home.

    This will help to restrict the types of content that your child can view, as well as help you to monitor their activity.

    In addition to this, it’s vital that you are aware of your device and account settings to ensure your child’s utmost safety.

    For example, on YouTube you can turn off ‘suggested auto-play’ on videos to stop your child from viewing content that they have not directly selected.

  • Peer pressure
  • Trends and viral challenges can be tempting for children to take part in; no matter how dangerous or scary they seem.

    Make sure you talk to your child about how they shouldn’t succumb to peer pressure and do anything they are not comfortable with, online or offline.

    If they are unsure, encourage them to talk to you or another trusted adult.

  • Real or hoax
  • As a parent it is natural to feel worried about certain things you see online that may be harmful to your child.

    However, not everything you see online is true.

    Check the validity of the source and be mindful of what you share as it may only cause more worry.

  • Report and block
  • You can’t always rely on parental controls to block distressing or harmful material.

    People find ways around a platform’s algorithm in order to share and promote this type of material.

    Due to this, we advise that you flag and report any material you deem to be inappropriate or harmful as soon as you come across it.

    You should also block the account/content to prevent your child from viewing it.

    Also encourage your child to record/screenshot any content they feel could be malicious to provide evidence in order to escalate the issue to the appropriate channels.

    For further help or advice, you can call National Online Safety on 0800 368 8061 or Childline on 0800 1111.

    Future dates

  • Thursday 7th March – World Book Day As part of the celebrations we would like your child to come to school dressed as their favourite book character e.g. Harry Potter, The Gruffalo, Little Red Riding Hood etc. Or children can come dressed in their pyjamas, ready for a bedtime story! Please do not feel that you have to go out and spend lots of money on an expensive fancy dress outfit for your child. Some of the best characters have been creatively put together with items that were already in homes. www.worldbookday.com.
  • We would like parents/guardians to be involved in the day by coming into school to read to small groups of children on Thursday 7th March from 2.45-3.15 pm (you can come dressed as a character too, or in your pyjamas if you wish!). If you are able to take part please complete the proforma and return to your child’s class teacher by next Wednesday. Please arrive at the main reception at 2.40 pm ready to be taken to your child’s class
  • Mon 11th – Fri 15th March National Science Week
  • Friday 15th March – Red Nose Day. Children to come dressed in their own clothes or anything red for a £1 donation
  • Friday 22nd March INSET day – School closed to pupils
  • Friday 12th April break for Easter holiday at 3.15pm
  • Monday 29th April – school reopens at 8.50am
  • KS1 Yr 2 Testing from 1st May until Friday 24th May – please do not book any holidays during this time.
  • Thursday 2nd May – Polling Day – School closed to pupils
  • Monday 6th May – Bank Holiday
  • KS2 SATs Testing week – Monday 13th – Friday 17th May – Please inform the school immediately if your child is unable to attend due to illness. Please do not book any holidays during this time.
  • Friday 24th May – Sports Day – weather permitting. More details nearer the time.
  • Friday 24th May – Half term – school closes at 3.15pm
  • Monday 3rd June – school reopens at 8.50am
  • Yr 1 Phonic screen checks – Monday 10th – Friday 21st June. More details nearer the time.
  • Best wishes,

    Mrs Miller


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