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All adults should do what is best for you. When adults make decisions, they should think about how their decisions will affect children.

Events and activities in school:

Masterclasses Art

Lily C and Caitlin F enjoyed a full day of art at Glynne Primary School on Friday 14th June.  The morning enabled the children to use a variety of media and in the afternoon they made models using modrock.  The children had a wonderful time.

Lily C “I really enjoyed using the wire and the modrock to create a statue.  I really liked exploring another school”.

Caitlin F “I had fun doing art in a variety of ways.  I liked meeting other children and making new friends”.

Seren S and Roxy H enjoyed a full day at Brockmoor Primary school on Friday 21st June making objects from clay.

Seren S “I thought the day was really fun and messy.  We had to draw ourselves on a piece of paper then make it in clay.  Me and Roxy made five friends, that were girls and I liked being at a different school”.

Roxy H “Today I went to Brockmoor primary to experience clay making.  We made clay models of ourselves and did a self-portrait.  The teacher – Mrs Goodship was really nice”.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Assembly

On Monday 17th June, we had a visit from the Guide dogs for the blind.  Children loved seeing the dogs and learning about their training. 

Josh T “I enjoyed the assembly, is was really nice to see that the dogs were able to help humans who were in need”.

Tom D “I found the assembly interesting, as Carl, who was blind, spoke to us from the perspective of not being able to see.  He said that the dog is his eyes and helps him to function independently on a daily basis”.

Year 6

Kingswinford School have been in twice, to visit Year 6 pupils who will begin at the school in September, to carry out their transition work.

Maths Final Year 5/6

5/6 Maths Challenge - On Wednesday 19th June, Morgan G, Ekam S, Ethan P, Nathan S, Simar S and Daniel H represented Blanford Mere at the Year 5/6 Maths Final Challenge. The team faced 12 other Schools from the West Midlands at Belle Vue Primary School with extremely challenging mathematical problems and we are elated to tell you that they WON! 


The children won the following prizes:

  • Maths Challenge winners medal
  • Dudley Building Society £10 account
  • Rucksack/frisbee
  • Gamervan for 1 hour on Monday 1st July pm
  • Helix/Maped pencil case full of stationery
  • Trophy and a box of chocolates
  • They were extremely excited and we are so very proud of them all.

    Miss Owens who organised the event said:

    “Well done Blanford Mere on winning the maths championship!!  What an amazing achievement. Well deserved.”

    Year 3/4 Mini-beast Hunt

    Year 3 and Year 4 took part in a mini beast hunt on Thursday 20th June.

    They had a great time, looking for bugs, spiders, flies, bees and wood lice. They learnt that when the beasts are striped, they are telling the other beasts to watch out, they will hurt!

    'I found a wolf spider, which had eggs ready to hatch!' Grace H

    ‘I found a honey bee and a bumble bee, which were extraordinary!' Kamran DR

    'I found a shield bug, and found that it liked to be on plants and tall grass.' Caitlin F

    'I found two ladybirds and they liked to play with me and Emily!' Hannah

    'We made a bed for our ladybird, for it to be safe'. Emily C

    'We found a blue shell beetle' Libby H

    Mrs Austin was scared of the spiders with the eggs! 

    RRSA Gold award

    The school was assessed on Friday for the RRSA Gold award.  The assessor has now gone away to have the evidence validated by Unicef.  Mrs Cartwright and the RRSA champions have worked extremely hard for the prestigious award - we will let you know when the evidence has been ratified.  Thank you to Mrs Cartwright for her dedication to this award.

    Outright Certificate 2018

    The children have been working hard over the past few months campaigning for a safer world for all children.  They have written letters to the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove explaining the issues surrounding air pollution.  The Rights Respecting Champions met with Mike Wood to ask him about his work on air pollution and government plans.  All children wrote a pledge thinking about what they could do to help improve air quality.  The project began with introducing the idea of Paddington arriving in London and suffering the problems of air pollution.  Thank you again for your participation in the Paddington take-home task last October.  These will be making their way home before we break up, so that we can make room for a new task next year!

    Transition Days Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd July 2019

    Reception class— arrangements were discussed at the transition meeting.  Current Nursery children will attend the transition days.  Attend the Reception class at 9.15am and collect at 3.00pm.  Lunch can be purchased at the cost of £2.30

    Year 1—all arrangements as usual; the children will just be in a different class with their new teachers.

    Year 2—all current year 2 children need to line up in the KS2 playground via the KS2 gate in the mornings and will be dismissed from there at the end of both days. If they wish to have tuck, they will need to bring either a piece of fruit from home and a drink (water only) or money to spend at the tuck shop. (Toast-25p, Crumpets-28p)

    Year 3-5—all arrangements as usual—just different classes and teachers.

    Year 6 children not attending transition days need to come to school as normal. 

    Arrangements for Parents' Evenings July 2019:

    We are holding our Parents’ Evening this term on Thursday 4th July for Years Reception to Year 6 ONLY.  Nursery will have a separate letter with their information on.

  • Reports will be sent out at the end of the day on Friday 28th June 2019.
  • Each report will be in a sealed envelope in your child’s bag. Details of class organisation and your child’s new teacher will also be included. Receiving the report well before parents evening should give you time to read it thoroughly and decide whether or not you would like to see your child’s teacher.
  • There will be a slip attached for you to complete. This enables us to know that you have received the report and asks you to indicate if you would like an appointment to meet your child’s teacher, however the report should give a full account of your child’s progress and targets for the next academic year. Please return these on Monday 1st July, so that members of staff can allocate enough opportunities for those parents who would like to see them. The class teacher will allocate times from 3.20pm until 4.20pm, for parents who would like to see them, regarding their child’s report.
  • All teachers will write your appointment time in your child’s planner on Monday 1st July. If the allocated time is inconvenient, then write a note to the class teacher in your child’s planner, so that they can allocate another slot.
  • Staff will only allocate enough appointment times for these people.
  • Staff may also ask to see you to discuss certain elements of your child’s report, where further discussion will enable home and school to work together, so that children have a swift start in September. If so, there will be a note with your child’s report and an allocated time for you to see the teacher. If this is not convenient, please arrange an alternative time with your child’s teacher.
  • For this Parents’ evening, YOU WILL be allocated a time slot, rather than signing up in the usual way. Please be aware that appointments allow a maximum of 10 minutes for each set of parents. If you need additional discussion time, you may need to make a further appointment on another day as we do try our best to ensure minimum waiting times for parents. If you have not indicated that you would like to see your child’s teacher by Monday 1st July—then an appointment time will not be allocated. Please return the slip requesting to see your child’s teacher. Staff will only allocate enough appointment times for these people. Please ensure you bring your child’s report and clearly identify the elements of this you wish to discuss.
  • There will be NO books for you to browse over, as the children’s books will be sent home at the end of term for you to look at over the holidays.
  • To help keep the school secure, would you please enter and exit by the main entrance doors. We would appreciate your help and co-operation with this to ensure the safety of your children.
  • Miss Stanton will be available in the hall as usual if you need to speak to her personally about your son or daughter.
  • Local Events

    Please see the attached flyers about exciting events happening at Himley soon.

    Are you entitlement to 30 hours free child care for your 3 or 4 year old child?

    You may be aware that the government extended the amount of free childcare available from September 2018. This year, we have successfully offered a number of these places to parents of our Nursery children. We are now planning places for the new academic year and will be able to offer a limited number of these 30 hour free childcare places to families who may be eligible.

    The website is interactive and explains the criteria for eligibility in detail, as well as the benefits of the scheme.  Also, please click on the attached criteria leaflet from the DFE – to see how the scheme works.

    If you need any further information about eligibility then please see the government website. 

    Click on the link to watch a case study:

    There is also a link to show you how to apply:

    Forthcoming Events and dates for your diary

    • Friday 28th June – Reports sent out to parents of all children in school, Nursery - Year 6
    • Thursday 4th July – Parent’s Evening
    • Monday 1st July – Nursery Reports out to parents (This date has changed now as stated on the previous newsletter).
    • Nursery Parent Consultations – Monday 8th July am only.
    • Wednesday 17th July – Leaver’s Presentation for Year 6 parents 9.30am
    • Thursday 18th July – Yr 6 Woodfield House treat
    • Friday 19th July – Break for summer holiday at 3.15pm
    • Regards

      Miss Stanton

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