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All adults should do what is best for you. When adults make decisions, they should think about how their decisions will affect children.

Welcome back. Although, we are nearly 4 weeks into the new term, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year. The children have made a swift start to the term.

OFSTED inspection - Wednesday 24th January 2018

You will know that we had a one day Ofsted short inspection led by HMI and quality assured by a second HMI colleague. As a result of this inspection, the school will receive a letter detailing their outcomes and findings. As soon as we receive this we will share this with parents. As always, we were extremely proud of the children's behaviour, attitude to learning and enthusiasm to share their views.

Attendance Winners Autumn Term

Congratulations to year 1 who had the best overall attendance for the Autumn Term with 96.63% attendance. As a reward, each child was given two tickets to 'Circus Starr' performance at Dudley Town Hall. The show involves a variety of circus skills such as acrobatics, balancing and comedy. Well done Year 1!!

Public Health England has published guidance for Scarlet fever outbreaks

With the start of term beginning, we have noticed an increase in sickness and absences. Taking this into consideration, please be aware that Scarlet fever occurs most often in the winter and spring months and it is that time of year again!

Early symptoms may include sore throat, a red and swollen tongue, flushed cheeks, fever and headache with the characteristic red, pinhead rash developing after 12-48 hours. Incubation period is 1-5 days and it usually takes 2-5 days from infection before first symptoms appear. Scarlet fever is transmitted via respiratory secretions and contact with contaminated surfaces such as toys and games. Children with scarlet fever should be excluded from school until they have received 24 hours of appropriate antibiotics.

For more information, please see:

'Animaltastic' Fun night

The children really enjoyed the array of animals that they were able to see, discover, touch and find out about! The children had the opportunity to learn about: Blue-tongued skink, African pygmy hedgehog, scorpion, Corn snake, Madagascan cockroaches, lop-eared rabbits. Here are some of the childrens comments - you can see how much they enjoyed the Fun Night!

"The scorpion has a stinger at the end of its tail." Y1 Harman

"The scorpion was cool!" Y5-6 Harry

"I liked how the lizard felt." Y2 Ruby

"Oh, really weird and strange." Y5-6 Sienna

"I didn't touch the lizard because he was so big!" Y2 Araya

"I was glad I touched it. I've got over my fear of lizards. They are reptiles."Y5-6 Poppy

"He's got a blue tongue." YR Henry

"I have learnt that when scorpions' tails are flat, they are not afraid or scared.

A hedgehog's spikes are made from the same material that our finger and toenails are made from - keratin; these are dead cells." Y5-6 Dominic

"Amazing! I've never touched a lizard before." Y5-6 Kyle

"Rabbits are mammals. They give birth to live young." Y5-6 James

Thank you to all those that attended!

Change4Life Festival

Owen S, Fin R, Phoebe H, Oscar S, Paige W, Isabelle G, Miley R, Danny S, Alex F and Megan S took part in the Change4life festival at The Glynne Primary School on Thursday 25th January. The festival involved children from our Pentagon schools. The festival lasted for one hour and was a friendly and non-intimidating event where children were engaged in activities relating to physical activity and health concepts.

Pen Licences

Well done to the following pupils who have worked hard on their handwriting and presentation to gain a pen licence:

Jessica B -3/4C

Megan S - 3/4C

Amber F - 5/6O

Poppy D/6O

Sienna B 5/6B

Ava M 5/6B

Dominic W 5/6B

Sofia C 3/4

Dylan B 5/6B

Kristof P - 5/6O

Pencil Cases

A reminder please, that children should not bring a pencil case to school. School provides all equipment that is needed for learning. Children become very distressed when equipment is misplaced or broken and hinders their learning as they become distracted by their pencil case. Please support us by ensuring that your child leaves their pencil case at home for their homework.


We are holding our Parents Evenings this term on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th February. Each class teacher will put up appointment lists indicating the times that they are available. Please note that these will vary slightly for each teacher.

All teachers will put up appointment lists at the end of the school day on Monday 29th January 2018.

This is a valuable opportunity for you to meet with your son or daughter's class teacher. We do encourage parents to bring their child for a "three way conversation".

Please enter and exit by the main entrance doors.

As usual there will be seating available in the hall (Yr R, 1, 2), corridor (Yr 3/4) and library (Yr 5/6), so that you can wait in comfort and browse through your child's books with them before seeing the teacher.

Appointments allow a maximum of 10 minutes for each set of parents. If you need additional discussion time you may need to make a further appointment on another day as we do try our best to ensure minimum waiting times for parents.

To ensure safe dismissal of all children from the playgrounds the following arrangements apply:

• All appointments lists will be put in the foyer/conservatory entrance from 3.00 p.m. onwards.

• Please collect your child as usual and then make your way to the foyer.

• If you wish to sign up before collecting your child then please go to the main entrance and return the same way to collect your son/daughter at the normal time.

• I would be grateful if parents did not ring the office to make appointments - we simply do not have the capacity to make appointments on behalf of parents Please feel free to send a short note to your child's class teacher or by writing in your child's planner if you are unable to sign up personally.

We would appreciate your help and co-operation to ensure the safety of your children.


I know that I have mentioned this in several other newsletters, but yet again, we have received complaints from local residents regarding parking. We ask that parents are considerate of our neighbours and the local community by - not parking across driveways, not turning around on resident's driveways or parking on the grass verges - blocking the public footpath. We would greatly appreciate your co-operation with this. We have advised residents to write down the make/model of the vehicle and registration number and ring 101 to report this issue to the Police to take action. To avoid this, we would be very grateful if you would support us with this issue.

Please click on the link below for the Highway Code rules - which has been kindly sent into to me by a parent. Thank you!

Magical Maths Club

Magical Maths is a super fun club designed to boost children's confidence and better engage them with maths. If you would like your child to attend - click on the link below for dates, times and cost. Contact or call 0121 392 7475. School hosts the club, but all arrangements need to made with the directly with the provider.

Times Tables Rock Stars Games

We have signed up for a trial of Times Tables Rock Stars until February 19th. Please can you encourage your child to log on and try the games on this website - there is also an app on Android and iOS so that children can use the game on a tablet. The game is designed to improve their knowledge of times tables and their speed of recall. Children need to choose 'Blanford Mere Primary School' and then log in with the same username and password that they use for Mathletics (in their planner). Thank you.

Diary Dates

Thursday 1st, 8th, 15th February, 1st March - Yr 5 Mission X at Kingswinford School

Thursday 1st February - Swimming Competition - Ellowes

Monday 5th February - Yr 3/4 Maths Competition at Saltwells

Thursday 8th February - Science Kinetic Theatre - Yrs 1-6

Friday 9th February - Gym Competition - Earls High School

Friday 16th February - Break for half term @ 3.15pm

Monday 26th February - Back to school 8.50am

Regards Mrs Miller Headteacher

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