Article 8

You have the right to an identity – an official record of who you are. No one should take this away from you.

Recent events and activities in school

KS1 and KS2 SATs

Well done to Year 2 and 6 on completing their SATs tests.  All children have fully participated and tried their best with completing the tests.  The results of Year 6 SATs tests will be given out after the reports in June – however, Teacher assessments will be included in children’s reports.  Year 2 results are teacher assessed and will also be sent out with reports in June.


On Friday 31st May Mrs Sowka will be getting married to her fiancé.  We would like to congratulate them both and wish them every happiness for the future.  From Monday 3rd June, Mrs Sowka will be known as Mrs Bhambra.

Well done!!

Congratulations to Mrs Austin who has successfully gained her Master’s Degree in Special Education Needs – the hard work, time and commitment to her learning is to be truly commended! Fantastic News!

Mrs Miller

Mrs Miller would like to thank you for your kind messages, cards and gifts.  It is really appreciated.  Mrs Miller is still unable to weight-bear on her ankle for another four weeks and is recovering well from her recent operation.  The Drs are really pleased with her progress.  However, it is driving her mad being at home – we all wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to her returning to school as soon as possible!

Life Cycles!

In Reception, they have continued their learning about life cycles. Before the Easter break, they collected frog spawn and since returning to school they hatched into tadpoles, which the children were really excited about! Jessica S commented “I can't believe they have legs now".

The children have also had the opportunity to observe caterpillars changing into their cocoon stage. Keaton A commented "How amazing, inside their cocoon they are turning into butterflies". We are now waiting for them to emerge as butterflies and to then release them into the environment. Throughout these experiences, the children have displayed care and consideration for living things.

Year 1

In Year 1 they have had some exciting new arrivals. Nine baby caterpillars were delivered for them to care for and watch as they grow into beautiful butterflies. The children have loved having their own class pets and come in every morning asking how the caterpillars are. Currently, all nine caterpillars are inside their own tiny ‘chrysalis' and they are looking forward to watching them emerge completely transformed!

Lennon V 1P “I can't wait for when the caterpillars turn into butterflies!”

Zara F 1P “We are learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.”

Layla-Rose T 1H “I really want to see them fly and see their wings.”

Joseph B “I want to see them turn into butterflies.”

Year 2

On Tuesday 7th May, Year 2 ventured into King George VI Park to investigate problems in the local area and explore issues in the nearby environment.  Sadly, they identified many problems and will now be thinking about solutions and writing to Dudley Council with their suggestions.

Yasmin said, “The benches were dirty and there was dog mess on the floor.”

Krishna commented “We want to make a safer place for everyone and not a bad environment.”

Kavinu said “Every child has the right to a clean and safe environment so we need to get rid of the problems.”

Severn Trent Water Visit

On Wednesday, Education Officer Justin Crilly, led a factual ‘Journey of Water’ whole-school assembly. The children learnt how dirty water travels through sewers to water treatment centres, the cleaning processes used on water from our rivers and streams and how it is delivered to our homes and schools.

Year 3-4 took part in fascinating, practical ‘Water Cycle’ workshops and understanding how to save and not waste water. This linked Science, Maths and Article 24-The right to have clean water.

Please ask your child about their sticker and ‘Promise Postcard’ they have received and how to save water, help our planet and of course – how we can all save money on our water bills.  This certainly has to be good news!

Did you know that people tend to spend longer taking a shower nowadays, therefore using more water than a full bath tub – around 100 litres of water? Currently there are around 7 billion people on Planet Earth; it’s estimated there will be 10 billion by 2050 – all of us making demands on the tiny 1% of fresh water available on Earth.

Here's a handy tip and it's FREE too.

Visit the website shown on the Promise Postcard to order a FREE SHOWER TIMER for families living in Severn Trent areas (if you are eligible).

Caitlin: It’s great because I’ve learnt more about water and its journey.

Oliver H: You can waste water by using a hose pipe and sprinkler.

Grace B: Save water. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth and use a watering can instead of a hose pipe.

Ethan T: We mustn’t waste water in the shower.

Emily: I’m wowed about how easy it is to black a sewage pipe and how we waste water.

Owen: Oh wow! Oil blocks the sewer pipes! Yuck!

Libby: Toilet wipes take 200 years to break down! Don’t put them in the loo. It’s bad to waste water because we won’t have any left to drink.

Daniel: I enjoyed measuring water in cylinders.

Finley: I loved the activities to see which family was wasting or saving water.

“I enjoyed the Severn Trent workshop because I liked seeing how the toilet water gets cleaned.” Riley

“I enjoyed the water lesson because it told us to save water and to think about what we put down the sink and toilets.” Elizabeth

“I enjoyed the water cycle lesson because I learnt where water comes from. I know why not to waste water too. The water gets cleaned from the sewers and put back in the rivers.” Tia

“I enjoyed the Severn Trent water day because we got to learn lots of fun water facts. We got to learn what happens to water when it gets taken out of the river up to when it gets put back in. We even got to see what factories do to clean sewer water.” Iris

Well done, Year 3-4, Mrs. Woodley.

Attendance Winners May

Well done to 5/6B Class, who won the attendance award for May with a 99.38% attendance! They can wear their own clothes on Friday 7th June.


As a group of Dudley schools we offer some pupils the opportunity to be involved in a Masterclass, this is based on children’s area of expertise!

The following classes have already been attended:

Brook – the children involved really enjoyed developing their maths skills further and were a true credit to the school. Well done!

Morgan- “I enjoyed working with children from other schools”.

Ethan- “I enjoyed visiting a different school”.

St Mary’s – The children had a wonderful hands on experience of ‘Forest school’, they used their social skills to work alongside the pupils from local primary schools.

Lily B – “I liked digging up the dirt, I found bricks in it”.

Bella – “I enjoyed the swing because it was fun”.

Walk to School Week 2019

Walk to School Week 20-24th June is an action-packed awareness week in May each year. The aim is to encourage fun events and activities to be run to raise awareness about walking to school. At school, we have discussed the importance of healthy eating and exercise and the reasons why walking to school is important for both our bodies and the environment.

Article 24 states that all children should have the right to a safe, clean environment.

Year 5/6 Cricket at Stourbridge Cricket Club

The Blanford Mere cricket team represented the school in an all-day kwik cricket tournament against local schools this week. The boys and girls in the Years 5/6 team enjoyed the event and look forward to the coaching sessions to be run by Worcestershire County Cricket Club at school after the holiday.

Football Team News

Yr 5 Helping Hands

As part of the Yr 5 curriculum, children have learnt about friendship and relationship issues including anti-bullying messages. To help with this, our school provided a local theatre company (Loudmouth) to visit the children and run their theatre-in-education programme on positive relationships called ‘Helping Hands’.

Loudmouth have been working with children and their parents on positive relationships since 1994. ‘Helping Hands’ is an appropriate and well researched programme that helps children learn more about respect in relationships including exploring the sensitive issues of bullying and domestic abuse and where to go for support.   To follow on from this the school nurse – Laura Bickley delivered a programme about growing up.

Sports Day

The children had a fantastic sports day which lasted all day this year. The afternoon activities ran smoothly and encouraged the children to keep active, show good sportsmanship and score as many points as possible!  The winning teams were 2C for KS1/FS phase and Year 3-4R for Key Stage 2! Well done!  The winning KS1/FS class has a cup displayed in their classroom for the rest of this year.  KS2 have a shield for the winning class.  Many thanks for supporting your children in the track events.  We were lucky that the weather was good for us!  Thank you for supporting us on this. The track events were a great success and all children managed to take part in their event and represented their class well. 

Polite reminder

Could you please support our high standards and expectations regarding school uniform please.  Children should wear grey (not black), shorts, trousers, skirt or pinafore and red polo shirt or a red and white checked dress - summer uniform.  Shoes should be black, so many children are wearing trainers.  We would rather the children kept their fashion trainers to wear at home.  Thank you in advance for supporting us with this.

Half term activities

School menu change - World Oceans day Friday 7th June

  • Little fishy fishcakes
  • Pizza
  • Flipper fries
  • Barnacle beans
  • Under sea salad
  • Mermaid cup cakes
  • Wobbly jelly fish
  • Forthcoming Events and dates for your diary

    Monday 10th – Friday 14th June – Yr 1 Phonics screen check

    Monday 10th – Friday 14th June – Yr 4 Multiplication Timetables check

    Monday 10th – Friday 21st June – Yr 3 Swimming

    Thursday 13th June – Meeting for Reception children’s parents – transition arrangements into Year 1

    Thursday 20th June – meeting for parents of new intake into reception classes

    Tuesday 25th June – Year 5 parents – meeting regarding the forthcoming residential to Condover Hall

    Friday 28th June – Reports sent out to parents of all children in school

    Thursday 4th July – Parent’s Evening

    Wednesday 17th July – Leaver’s Presentation for Year 6 parents

    Friday 19th July – Break for summer holiday.

    Are you entitlement to 30 hours free child care for your 3 or 4 year old child?

    Staying safe online

    We have a number of parents who come to tell us that their children are receiving upsetting messages from children in school at home on social media sites such as: WhatsApp’, ‘Snapchat’ ‘Facebook’ etc.  We have held a number of assemblies to inform children about how to keep safe online.  We would urge parents to report the incidents to CEOP as this is a matter that arises out of school.  Please type the link into a search engine, this will give you a wealth of information about keeping your child safe online. 

    How to reduce the risk of your child being in an upsetting situation

    In order to avoid these sorts of situations in the first place, it’s worth sitting down with your child before they start using any website and reading the terms and conditions to learn what is, and what isn’t, acceptable on the site.

    You should check whether your child is old enough to have an account with a particular social media website. Many sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and ooVoo require users to be 13 years old and will deactivate the accounts of any users suspected to be under this age.

    Other tips for increasing your child's online security:

    ¨ Set their privacy settings to medium or high. Without updating their privacy settings, anyone can’t contact them and their profile information is visible.

    ¨ Explain to them that they should not share personal information with people you do not know, such as your address, school, parents name, etc

    ¨ Children often share their passwords. Know your child’s passwords and discuss that passwords are “secret” words and should not be shared with friends.

    ¨ Children sometimes leave themselves signed in at friend’s house on someone else’s mobile device or computer. We suggest that you remind them to always be sure to log out.

    ¨ If your child receives an unwanted friend invitation be sure to ignore the request and also block this person from contacting again.


    Childline is here to help anyone under 19 in the UK with any issue they’re going through.

    Children can talk about anything. Whether it’s something big or small, our trained counsellors are there to support.  Childline is free, confidential and available any time, day or night. Children can talk to us:

  • by calling 0800 1111
  • by email
  • through 1-2-1 counsellor chat
  • Posters suitable for primary aged children will be displayed around school.  The children have been shown a short video in assembly about Childline and we have discussed a number of other people that the children can talk to if they need to.

    Article 19 states that every child has the right to protection from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and bad treatment.

    Have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing all of the children on 3rd June.

    Miss Stanton

    Deputy Head

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