Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing, or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.


Events and activities

I can't believe we are at half term already! What an extremely busy few weeks it has been, as you will see in this extra long newsletter!


Guy de Szathmary, from the Ezone visited year 5/6 on 30th January and 1st February to support their science work on lifecycles. The children learnt a lot!

Mission X

Year 5 have visited Kingswinford School as part of the Mission X project. During last week's session the children used plastic dishes and paper to stimulate bones and tested how more layers of 'bone' held a bigger mass. It was a very noisy afternoon, with lots of weights clattering on the benches! The children were engaged and enthused and are really looking forward to the rest of the sessions.

Mia T - "It was really good. I enjoyed doing the experiment and working in a group".

Ben H - "We tested weights and paper to test the strength of bones. It was great".

Maths Competition

Year 3/4, Iris R, Joshua T, Isobel F, Lewis W, Daniel H and Isabelle G competed against other schools in Dudley Inter schools Maths competition on Monday 5th February. During the afternoon the children worked through a number of maths challenges. They had to work as a team to solve maths anagrams, problem solving and a Countdown style round. We are really proud of their effort, however, they were unsuccessful in getting through to the new ground.

Year 1 Katie Morag day: 6th Feb

Year 1 spent a wonderful day visiting their new friend Katie Morag on the small Scottish Isle of Struay. Everyone dressed up as one of their favourite characters from the books. The children enjoyed many cross-curricular activities to include painting landscapes with The Lady Artist, cooking Scottish Shortbread with Mrs McColl, making their own tartan patterns with Grandma Mainland, helping out in the Post Office and shop, learning a Scottish Dance and eating Haggis. The children summarised the day by writing a postcard about their trip. This is what the children said:

Olivia said "My favourite part of the day was eating haggis as I have never tried it before and I loved that it tasted spicy".

Leo said "I liked the Scottish dancing because it made my heart beat faster and I smiled lots".

Demi said "I loved painting landscapes because I felt relaxed".

Swimming competition at Ellowes

Yr 4/5/6 children represented the school in a swimming competition at Ellowes Hall. Abby W, Ella H, Niamh G, Laura H, Dylan B, Josh T, Lennon P and Lewis W competed against other local schools. The children swam using breast stroke, front crawl, butterfly and backstroke. The results were as follows:


Front crawl Ella 1st Josh 2nd

Butterfly Abby 2nd Dylan 2nd

Back stroke Laura 2nd Lennon 2nd

Breast stroke Niamh 1st Lewis 3rd

Relay Girls 2nd Boys 2nd

Despite the great individual results, our overall team position means that we will not progress to the next stage. However, Mrs Hart said the team were fantastic, with excellent behaviour and were really supportive of each other and children from other schools. Well done - a true credit to the school!

Abby: "It was really so much fun and the team supported each other. We never gave up."

Lennon: "Everyone was helping and supporting me."

Lewis: "We all swam well, we stayed as a team and showed good sporting attitudes."

Red Watch Brierley Hill Fire Station 8th Feb

On Thursday 8th February Year 3/4 were visited by the Fire Service as part of their work on keeping safe and fire safety in the home. The children learnt about the importance of smoke alarms, how to make an emergency phone call, what to do if your clothes catch fire and how to plan an escape route in your house. You will see from the comments below how much they learned:

"I enjoyed hearing about the fire fighter's jobs and learning lots of facts." Iris R

"I like the fact that the fire fighters bought videos with them for us to watch. It taught me how quickly a fire spreads and how we don't have time to save all of our things, we just have to get out!" Lily C

"I learn lots and found out about the protective equipment fire fighters use." Isobel F

"I learnt that ladies can be fire fighters too!" Caitlin F

'I learnt that if a fire starts in your house, find a good escape route before jumping out of your window.' Jessica B

' I learnt that if the fire spreads and you can't escape, stay in your room until the fire service arrive.' Luke A

'I enjoyed seeing what a firefighter has to wear to protect themselves.' Joshua T

Kinetic Science Theatre Company visit.

Last week we were treated to an amazing performance of 'Down to Earth' by the Kinetic Science Theatre Company. Through song and drama, the children learnt about day and night, the orbits of Earth and Moon, solar eclipses, shadows and the water cycle. They asked so many of their own 'Curious Questions' and could talk about their learning. Science really is everywhere.

Seth D: " The Earth moves but the Sun doesn't." Y1

Isabel M: "I learnt how the earth spins." Y1

Lily-May: "The science theatre taught me that the Sun doesn't move but we do. I didn't know that before I saw the show." Y1

James: "I found out that I've been around the Sun six times because that is my age!" Y1

Ben H: "I learnt that the Sun stays in one place and all the other planets move around it." Y5-6

Nathan S: "I enjoyed the Kinetic Theatre because it was scientific. Water particles evaporate from puddles and form a water vapour cloud." Y5-6

Mia T: " When the Moon is half way in front of the Sun, it is called a partial eclipse." Y5-6

Catch Me Being a Scientist.

An enormous 'Thank you' from Mrs. Woodley to everyone who took part in this Take Home Task. Your response has been overwhelming from investigations to experiments, from models to discovering new facts. I hope you enjoyed viewing the fabulous display of work during our Parents Evenings last week. It's fascinating to see the photos and read not only the children's pupil voice comments, but those of parents too. Your feedback about how much this benefited your children has been really useful. Thank you for giving so much of your time and effort and allowing your child to engage in curriculum-linked Science activities out of school. It was clear to see that we have indeed caught many new scientists for the future!

Big Garden Bird Watch.

A huge 'Thank you' to all our families who took part in the Big Garden Bird Watch and counted the number of birds seen in local areas to help the RSPB find out about garden wild life, how it's surviving and if the RSPB need to help protect it with conservation projects. It was incredible to see on our display that over 30 species of birds had been observed in our local area.

Science-related jobs and study.

Again, thank you for your support in sharing this information with us. We will continue to inspire and encourage the children to see the many possibilities that Science has to offer in their lives and future decisions they make.

Curious Questions.

The children have been intrigued and challenged by the range of 'Curious Science Questions' Mrs. Woodley has displayed around school. So many have already responded by recording their answers on the clipboards ready for us to share. It's wonderful to hear the discussions taking place as the children compare answers! Please encourage your child to have a go.

Science Stars.

Mrs. Woodley is so proud of our Science Stars; their curiosity, enjoyment and knowledge and understanding has deepened, which can be seen in their responses and work. Our Principles of Good Science Teaching and Learning are helping to improve our children's learning outcomes by encouraging them to reflect on their learning, challenge themselves and make links with everyday life. Here are the reasons why these children have shone this half term:


Lennon P-working scientifically: Science Enquiry Pattern seeking

Anna D-extension tasks deepened your knowledge

Rhys F-applying your learning & reasoning

Morgan G- working scientifically: Science Enquiry Pattern seeking

Ella H- working scientifically: Science Enquiry Pattern seeking

Ethan P- working scientifically: Science Enquiry Pattern seeking

Tighe W-many questions answered; accurate answers explaining them


Dylan B-using personal research to answer questions

Poppy D-G- working scientifically: Science Enquiry Pattern seeking

Chloe M- working scientifically: Science Enquiry Pattern seeking

Mason S-engaged in your learning; scientific vocabulary

Ethan T-working scientifically: Science Enquiry Pattern seeking

Nathan S-answering challenging questions when comparing life-cycles; reflecting on your learning.

Brandon W-being engaged and wowed; answering questions from our visitor

Amber F- working scientifically: Science Enquiry Pattern seeking


Priya T- excellent points during discussion on 'Mrs. Nerg'

Isobel F- thorough predictions based on her scientific knowledge

Tyler Smith - excellent observational skills during investigation on plants growing

Lilly Rose Ford -excellent effort writing up her investigation despite missing the previous lesson to set up the experiment

Caitlin Ferguson - some fantastic suggestions of experiments to show water moving through a plant's stem


Isabelle G -high scores in Science assessments

Oliver S - high scores in Science assessments

Simar S - super explanation of how plants make their own food

Dylan L-H- fantastic use of scientific vocabulary...using words like chlorophyll and photosynthesis

Leon H- trying so hard to present his ideas using pictures


Ruby Y- being enthusiastically engaged in carpet discussion

James H- application to real life experiences

Dexter P-knowledge and understanding of the world

Lilly B- careful recording of results when testing

Daniel W- organising roles within a group experiment

Bella W- good research on animals and their needs


Henry M - asking great curious questions

Clay W - considering answers and linking learning

Jaiya U- supporting others with predictions

Leo S - asking Science related questions using wh words taught in English

Lily P - for asking lots of questions to extend learning

Olivia D - enthusiasm for Science and learning


Jack S - for being really enthusiastic in every science lesson, asking great questions and his take me home science task, he explained how he made slime

Zach R - always engaged and focused in science lessons and chose to write instructions on how he made his slime for his take me home science task in golden time

Thomas M- Tom wants to be a scientist when he is older and asked lots of curious questions when we learnt about shadows

Xavi S- very knowledgeable about animals from around the world and researches about them; super science skills in explaining his knowledge to others

Sienna L - enthusiasm when learning about how to measure the rainfall; sharing her ideas about why some containers were not suitable

Seth D - always engaged and loves science; great knowledge and understanding about the seasons and why we get more rainfall in some seasons. During play times he checks our rain gauges.


Frankie R- very good understanding of melting

Zara F: describing how porridge changed when it was cooked: "It's rising up, it's all gloopy now. Before it was dry."

Destiny S: for making an excellent prediction about where to grow cress: "outside because there's so much sunlight."

Lennon V: understanding that plants need lots of light to grow


Mason D- for noticing changes and being able to explain why

Maisie D: for asking lots of questions about why things were changing

Freya S: For having a good understanding of scientific concepts

Heather P: For knowing what plants needed to live

Gymnastics Year 1 and 2 competition Earls High School

On Friday 9th February, Year 1 and 2 gymnasts visited Earls Gymnastics in Oldbury for a 'fliptastic' gymnastics festival, where professional coaches led fun, exciting sessions on floor, vault, beam, bar, fast track and trampoline. The festival allowed pupils to showcase their gymnastic ability and experience olympic training facilities and equipment only found in specialised gymnastics centres.

Our gymnastic team for this event was:

Year 1

Mason R, Mylo B, Jack S, Olivia M, Harman S

Year 2

Libby H, Emily C, Molly F, Hannah B, Ethan M

Attendance winners for January

Mrs Oliver's Class with a fantastic 97.36% of children attending school. Well done to you!

Parent Workshops

Thank you for your continued support and feedback from the maths workshops. We received lots of positive feedback about how the workshops enable you to support your child at home.

Also, thanks to those parents who attended Parents Evening; this is a valuable opportunity for us talk about your child's progress - to celebrate their strengths and talk about next steps for learning. We appreciate your support and know how much the children enjoy sharing their learning with you.

Marking codes

Marking codes

Many of you asked about 'codes' that were written in children's books e.g. www or ebi. Click on the link below to see the schools marking code.

As you are aware, we had an Ofsted inspection in January. We are really pleased to announce that the school remains good. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff team and the children for their hard work, dedication and commitment in maintaining high standards. Thank you to parents for your support too. Please click on the link below to see the report.

Dates for your diary:

• Thursday 1st March - World book Day As part of the celebrations we would like your child to come to school dressed as their favourite book character e.g. Harry Potter, The Gruffalo, Little Red Riding Hood etc. Please do not feel that you have to go out and spend lots of money on an expensive fancy dress outfit for your child. Some of the best characters have been creatively put together with items that were already in homes.

• W/C 12th March-National Science week-lots of exciting learning taking place throughout the week. The Theme this year is Exploration and Discovery.

• Friday 23th March 2018-Sports Relief - children can come to school in their sportswear for a donation of £1 to support this worthy cause.

• Thursday 29th March - school closes at 3.15pm for the Easter break.

School Photographs!

The date for 'The Photographer' has been arranged to Tuesday 13th March 2018. Individual photographs will be taken for those children in school who have no brothers/sisters at school. Where there are two or more children from a family in school, they will be photographed together. If you would like any other combination taken i.e. brothers and sisters taken separately as well as together, then please let us know in writing by Monday 12th March. We ask that all children wear the correct winter uniform. Children in Year 6 will have photographs taken for a group leavers photo. If your child is not in school on this date (illness, appointments etc) then they will not be included in the photograph.

Staying safe online

We regard ESafety as extremely important. Since so many of our children use the internet on a daily basis. Technology is changing all of the time and we like to inform and keep parents up to date with how you can keep your child 'safe' online. We have arranged for a Parent E Safety Workshop Wednesday 28th February at 9.00am to 9.30am in the school hall. . We would really appreciate you being. From time to time parents come to tell us that their children are receiving '. upsetting messages from children in school at home on social media sites such as: WhatsApp', 'Snapchat' 'Facebook' etc. We have held a number of assemblies to inform children about how to keep safe online. We would urge parents to report the incidents to CEOP as this is a matter that arises out of school. Please type the link into a search engine, this will give you a wealth of information about keeping your child safe online.

How to reduce the risk of your child being in an upsetting situation

In order to avoid these sorts of situations in the first place, it's worth sitting down with your child before they start using any website and reading the terms and conditions to learn what is, and what isn't, acceptable on the site.

You should check whether your child is old enough to have an account with a particular social media website. Many sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and ooVoo require users to be 13 years old and will deactivate the accounts of any users suspected to be under this age.

Other tips for increasing your child's online security:

• Set their privacy settings to medium or high. Without updating their privacy settings, anyone can't contact them and their profile information is visible.

• Explain to them that they should not share personal information with people you do not know, such as your address, school, parents name, etc

• Children often share their passwords. Know your child's passwords and discuss that passwords are "secret" words and should not be shared with friends.

• Children sometimes leave themselves signed in at friend's house on someone else's mobile device or computer. We suggest that you remind them to always be sure to log out.

• If your child receives an unwanted friend invitation be sure to ignore the request and also block this person from contacting again.

O2 have joined forces with the NSPCC on a mission to help all children and their

families in the UK stay safe online. Together they are offering useful tools, support and guidance to help parents and carers have conversations with their children about their online lives. O2 and the NSPCC have created a series of weekly e-mails packed full of useful information, advice and activities to bring you closer to your child's online

world. . Remember, there is no difference between the online and real world-and to children, the online world is real. If you need more help on anything such as setting up parental controls O2 can help. Either telephone their free helpline on 0808 800 5002 or visit an O2 Guru in one of their stores.To sign up visit:

Half term holiday

Have a lovely break and we will see you back at school on Monday 26th February at 8.50am.

Mrs Miller


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