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All children have these rights, no matter who they are, where they live, what their parents do, what language they speak, what their religion is, whether they are a boy or a girl, what their culture is, whether they have a disability, whether they are rich or poor. No child should be treated unfairly on any basis.

June Attendance Winners

June attendance winners were 3/4C - well done with 97.71% attendance!

Singing Club

On Friday 29th June, singing club joined with other students from Summerhill, Church of the Ascension and Dawley Brook schools, at Townsend Place in Kingswinford. This was in association with the Royal British Legion, who were holding the event to commemorate 2018 being the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One. The children performed a 1918 repertoire. They were a true credit to the school and sang beautifully.

Mr Bibby - Head of music sent the following email:

"Thank you so much for taking part in the Townsend Place WW1 Commemoration last week. The students sang beautifully and looked so smart and professional".

Also Heidi Cooley - managing director of Townsend Place commented:

"It was a wonderful community event and I was very moved by the children's beautiful singing and happy faces - even in the blistering heat!

The children were all a huge credit to their schools and families and they really touched the hearts of the older generation in Kingswinford, who revelled in their renditions of A Long Way to Tipperary and Amazing Grace".

Teddy Bears Picnic

On Thursday 19th July, the kitchen will be having a 'Teddy Bear's Picnic Lunch' - Children can bring their teddy bear to school. The children will be given a label on Monday 16th July to bring home - the children need to label their teddy with its name and write their own full name on the back of the label and attach it to their bear securely - we don't want any going astray! The children will then bring their labelled teddy bear to lunch in school on the Thursday, where they will then put their labelled name tag into a prize draw. At the end of lunch, a label will be drawn out of the box and the winning label will receive a 1st prize of a 'teddy bear' or a runner up prize of a book and a pen. Please join in with the fun!

Masterclasses Kingswinford School

Some of our year 5 students have been attending Kingswinford School for the past term being taught English and Maths by Specialists teachers. They have now come to the end of their time at the school for this academic year. All the children have had a great experience and really enjoyed their learning.

Mr Cannings sent the following email to myself, which is true complement to our pupils:

"I've had a great few weeks teaching your students. We have spent the last two lessons working on creative writing and more specifically using pathetic fallacy to create mood, tone and atmosphere. This week we injected sibilance into our description to produce the sounds effects of the wind. We touched upon the structure of our writing also, looking at building up the sibilance sounds as the storm we described got stronger. There really are some impressive writers in that group. Dominic and Ella in particular are perhaps some of the most naturally gifted writers I have ever met!"

Well done to the children who have taken part!

Maths - Lunchtime Club.

Mr Baker has been providing an opportunity for children from Reception - Year 6 to join a lunchtime Maths Activity & Games Club. It is an informal club where children can play mathematical games and encourage their enjoyment of maths.

Priya Y3 - I enjoyed doing different maths activities.

Ethan Y2 - I like playing because you can compete with other children in TT Rock Stars. I got over 20 questions correct in Studio for the 1st time!

Year 2 and 6 SATS

We are delighted with this year's SATS results-they are fantastic! Well done and congratulations to both children and staff for their tremendously hard work (and parents too!).

Our year 6 children have had a packed half term. They have experienced a 2 week transition programme, designed to allay some of the anxieties naturally experienced when making the change to 'big school'; this offers them the opportunity to meet new children and staff in unfamiliar settings and to enjoy the challenge of working in a secondary school. They returned from their induction days at their new schools full of excitement and enthusiasm to prepare for 'Treachery at Traitors Quay' for their parents and families to enjoy at their Leavers Assembly on Wednesday 18th at 9.30am.

TT Rockstars

To celebrate all the hard work that children have been putting in on TT Rock Stars, everyone who has achieved Rock Star status or faster will be allowed to dress as a rock star or come in their own clothes on Tuesday 17th July. To achieve Rock Star status, children need to be able to answer 20 questions in 1 minute in the Studio game. There will be a special TT Rock Star assembly where certificates will be given out and our 2 prize winners will be announced who will win an Amazon Kindle Fire each. Children will have a sticker put in their planner if they have achieved Rock Star status and are able to dress up.

Science Stars

Science is well and truly alive at Blanford Mere!

We have had an amazing year immersing ourselves in the wonder, excitement and amazement of Science. The range of new initiatives introduced this year has provided enhanced learning opportunities for the children. Everyone's Science Capital has certainly been developed! I'm so proud of how much we have achieved this year. Until next year, let's celebrate Science Stars from this half term... a big thank you from Mrs Woodley.

Year 5-6B

Ben H - Answering a deluge of questions about Forces and their effects.

Rebecca H - Identifying and explaining the effects of air resistance.

Year 5-6O

Aaron E - Explaining and interpreting results when investigating air resistance acting on parachutes of different sizes.

Zak H - An accurate, verbal explanation of water resistance acting on objects.

Kristof P - A verbally accurate explanation and applying your learning when investigating water resistance.

Lana W - Accurate explanations given about the directions light travelled in when working on our challenges.

Year 3-4C

Lola M - super mini beast hunting in the park!

Holly B - super mini beast hunting in the park!

Gabriella F - super mini beast hunting in the park!

Oliver B -super mini beast hunting in the park!

Dylan L-H - excellent scientist all year!

Alex F - excellent scientist all year!

Year 3-4H

Lily C, Iris R, Owen S, Kai J, Lexi H, Paige W, Maxwell O - Fantastic work on classifying animals and plants, particularly on our trip to Kingswinford Park with Guy from the Environment Zone.

Year 2

Araya B - clear data collection and graphing

Molly F - clear data collection and graphing

Summer D - identifying animals in a range of habitats

Kamran D-R - good understanding of plant growing conditions

Ethan T - a well-kept plant growth diary.

Year 1 P

Sienna L - being enthusiastic and interested!

Lola E-W - asking Curious questions about animals

Krishna P- for finding facts out about his chosen animal

Kavinu G - sharing his knowledge with his peers

Olivia M - for achieving a super score on her science test by applying her knowledge and understanding

Year 1 C-W

William - science Quiz results were great

Jaiya - label animals by sorting according to what they eat

Demi - super questions

Olivia - brilliant science questions

James - good Science questions

Harrison - science questions asked regularly

Clay - thoughtful Science questions asked

Leo - Super drama to explain Life Processes

Reception S

Zara F- For fantastic work on floating and sinking and a good understanding of reflections.

Liam T - For being a super mini beast hunter and making the mini beasts super habitats

Reception J

Harry J- for being so inquisitive on our trip to the E-Zone

Aurora A - for using the classification cards well at the E-Zone

The End of term is fast approaching - please remember we break up for the summer on Friday 20th July at 3.15pm


Mrs N J Miller

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