1st October 2019 Newsletter

Article 3

All adults should do what is best for you. When adults make decisions, they should think about how their decisions will affect children.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We had an absolutely fantastic response to our Macmillan Coffee Morning raising a staggering £780! Thank you to all those who made this possible—to those parents who gave their time to help set up and run the event, to those who donated so many cakes and to everyone who supported by attending the coffee morning or cake sale.  We appreciated your support and I know the money will be well used by Macmillan.  Well done to Mrs Hill on winning the monetary prize for guessing the height of the cupcakes – Mrs Hill kindly donating this sum back to the charity – very generous and thoughtful!  Thank you to Mr Baker and ‘singing club’ for providing the music and entertainment.

Parents Evenings Wednesday 16th October and Thursday 17th October 2019 (see change of date for Mr Wade's Class)

We are holding our Parents Evenings this term on Wednesday 16th October, 3.20pm until late and Thursday 17th October 2019 from 3.20pm. Please note that Mr Wade will not be available on Thursday 17th October – therefore his parents evening will differ slightly and take place on Tuesday 15thth and Wednesday 16th October 2019.

For this and future parents evenings, all appointments should be made online.

 It is really important that you are logged into the ‘SchoolLife’ app or can access the website via a ‘tablet’ or ‘desktop/laptop’ computer.

All appointments will be ‘active and live’ to book from Saturday 5th October 2019 until Monday 14th October 2019 Yrs Rec – 6. 

Nursery appointment lists will be ‘active and live’ to book from Saturday 5th October 2019 until Friday 11th October 2019 – these appointments will be throughout the school day.

Each class teacher will put up appointment lists indicating the times that they are available. Please note that these will vary slightly for each teacher.

This is a valuable opportunity for you to meet with your son or daughter’s class teacher. We do encourage parents to bring their child for a “three way conversation”.

Nursery Parents should enter via the Nursery Entrance.

Yrs Rec- Yr 6 Please enter and exit by the main entrance doors.

As usual there will be seating available in the hall (Yr R, 1, 2), corridor (Yr 3/4) and library (Yr 5/6), so that you can wait in comfort and browse through your child’s books with them before seeing the teacher.

Appointments allow a maximum of 10 minutes for each set of parents. If you need additional discussion time you may need to make a further appointment on another day as we do try our best to ensure minimum waiting times for parents.

To ensure safe dismissal of all children from the playgrounds the following arrangements apply:

I would be grateful if parents did not ring the office to make appointments - we simply do not have the capacity to make appointments on behalf of parents.

How to log on to Schoollife app.

To access our website enter the following web address: https://blanford.sch.life/               

‘School Life’ enables us to communicate more efficiently to the people that matter, you the parents and guardians of our children!  You will receive push notifications, text messages, newsletters etc.  to a number of devices.  You would also be able to download the app and have constant access to any messages we are sending out!

You will need to download the school life app from either the Google Play store (for Android smartphones and tablets) or the Apple App Store (for iPhones, iPods and iPads). Search for ‘schoollife’ (all one word) and then look for the School Life logo;

Once downloaded and installed, open the app up and accept the notifications, when asked.

Finally, login with your personal login details below and start receiving all the important notifications.

If you do not have an Apple IOS or Google Android device, you can use your logon details on our school website to get all of the same content.

Monster Mash Fun Night - Thursday 24th October 2019

We would like to invite your child to a ‘Monster Mash Disco’ on Thursday 24th October 2019.

We will be having a Monster/ghouls/witch/wizard/ghost/pumpkin etc themed fancy dress party or children can come in their own clothes, if they prefer. As there are young children attending, we ask that no ‘scary’ clown/scream masks are worn please.

There will be a DJ, as well as dancing and party games, a drink and ice lolly provided too.

Entry is by ticket only. The tickets are £4.00. We require tickets to be purchased in advance, so we have accurate numbers for the disco. School staff will supervise the children at the event.  You can purchase tickets at the school office from Monday 7th October am until Friday 18th October 3.15pm. 

Please note you cannot pay on the door for this event – so please purchase a ticket in plenty of time!

The disco will start at 4.30pm and children must be collected by an adult at 6.00pm.

If you have further questions, please see your child’s class teacher.

Harvest 23rd September until 18th October 2019

In the weeks leading up to half term, we will be celebrating Harvest.

This year we have decided again to help the Black Country Foodbank who collect items to feed families in crisis in our community. The Foodbank would like to collect a range of items so that they don’t have an abundance of some items and a shortfall of others. So, we are going to ask each class to donate particular items, so that we should manage to collect a selection across the school. If you feel able to support this appeal, then please send in the item asked for from your child’s class on the list opposite, anytime from Monday 23rd September to Friday 18th October.  We will be launching the appeal in assembly on 23rd September, but thought you may like advance warning so that perhaps you can add an extra item into your shopping.

Please make sure that the foods are “in date”, i.e. within their ‘best before’ dates as the Foodbank can’t give away food that is past its best—before date and we don’t want to waste any donations.

Nursery – Any items from the lists below.

Year R  - Miss Cleeton - Tinned meat or fish

Year R — Miss Jordan - Carton of U.H.T.(long life) milk

Year 1 — Mrs Cartwright - Tinned Potatoes, tinned Vegetables

Year 1 - Miss Barclay - Tinned fruit, cartons of orange juice

Year 2 – Miss Postings – Hot chocolate, small jars of coffee, tea

Year 2 — Mr Wade – Sugar, biscuits

Year 3/4 — Mrs Oliver -Soup, (tinned/carton/packet), instant noodles

Year 3/4 — Mr Raybould - Rice, dried pasta, couscous

Year 3/4 — Miss Dorricott - fruit squash/cordial

Year 5/6 — Mr Baker Cereal (preferably non sugared)

Year 5/6 — Mrs Cameron Toiletries (soap, shower gel shampoo, baby toiletries, wipes  etc) 

Secondary Transfer

Many of our Year 6 children and their parents have been busy visiting local secondary school either during the day and/or at specific Open Evenings to help them complete their application forms. Can I remind parents that, if you live in Dudley Borough, the closing date for applications this year is 31st October (during the half term holiday). It is really important that this deadline is met; failure to do so will jeopardise your preferences for your child.

Attendance Winners September

Well done to Class 1B, who won the attendance award for September with an amazing 99.24% attendance! They can wear their own clothes to school on Friday!

Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child

Each year thousands of people like you generously pack shoebox gifts to bless children in need around the world. Find out all you need to know about how to pack your shoebox gift here.

Click here for more details – you can even create your shoebox online now!

How to pack a shoe box.

Find a Shoebox

  • Get an empty medium sized shoebox, and wrap the box and lid separately in colourful wrapping paper or order preprinted shoeboxes online. Attach the appropriate boy/girl label, marking if your gift is for a boy or a girl. Select an age category 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14 and attach the label to the top of your shoebox.
  • Fill with gifts
  • Fill your shoebox with a selection of fun toys, hygiene items and school supplies. If possible, include one or two special items you know a child will love such as a doll, cuddly toy or deflated football with pump. See our Gift Suggestions below for more ideas.

    Due to more stringent import regulations, toothpaste and sweets can no longer be included in shoeboxes.

  • Make your project donation
  • A suggested donation of £5 is essential to cover project costs, including shipping, to enable a local church or group overseas to lead a safe, well-organised children's event where your shoebox will be given to a child in need. More detail on what your donation covers here.

    Give online at Follow Your Box and you can print out a barcode and place it inside your shoebox on top of the contents. This will enable us to tell you which country your shoebox gets sent to.

    Or you can enclose cash or cheque (to Samaritan's Purse) and place it in an envelope inside your shoebox on top of the contents. If you are packing multiple shoeboxes you can write a cheque for one combined donation.

    Note: Follow your Box is only available when you pay online

    Make your project donation

  • Personalise
  • Personalise your shoebox by including a hand written note and a photograph of yourself, your group or your family. You may also like to pray for the child that will receive your gift.

  • Drop Off Your Shoebox
  • Place a rubber band around each closed shoebox and bring it into school by Friday 15th November 2019 November.

    What Goes in My Shoebox?

    "Wow" Item

    Include a toy that a child will immediately love as soon as they open the box.
    Ideas include: Stuffed animal, deflated football & pump, toy truck, doll (baby, Barbie etc), musical instruments.
    Why not include a personal note or photo of you or your family?


  • Doll
  • Stuffed animal or toy
  • Small musical instrument (such as a harmonica or recorder)
  • Small foam football or tennis ball
  • Finger puppets
  • Slinky
  • Etch A Sketch
  • Skipping rope
  • Play-doh (you could add plastic cookie cutters as non-sharp utensils to use with it)
  • Small puzzles
  • Costume items to play dress-up, such as crowns and costume jewellery
  • Plastic toys and toy figures
  • Yo-yo
  • Small Frisbee
  • Small kite
  • Hygiene Items

  • Comb
  • Hairbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Flannel
  • Bar soap (packaged and/or in a container)
  • Reusable plastic containers: cup, water bottle, plate, bowl, blunt-edged utensils (Consider filling an empty container with non-liquid items such as hair bows, bracelets, sunglasses, or flannel to make use of the space)
  • Non-liquid lip balm
  • Solar powered torch
  • Compact mirror
  • School Supplies

  • Pencils
  • Small manual pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Coloured pencils
  • Pencil Case
  • Crayons
  • Felt Pens
  • Colouring pads
  • Colouring books
  • Picture book
  • Notebooks
  • Glue stick (Do not include liquid glue)
  • Small adhesive tape
  • Watercolour paint set (Finger paint palette, paint brushes, paper)
  • Chalkboard and chalk
  • Geometry set
  • Pre-inked Stampers
  • Other

  • Hat/scarf/mittens
  • Sunglasses (need the UV and CE mark)
  • Small bag/purse
  • Hair bows or clips
  • Friendship bracelets (woven with yarn or embroidery thread)
  • Make-it-yourself craft items or kit
  • Binoculars
  • A personal note and photo
  • Activities/events that have happened in school so far: School Council

    Congratulations and well done to all of the children who campaigned to be our School Councillors. This year our school council leader is Isobel F.

    The successful School Councillors this year are as follows:

    Class 2W Heather and Henry

    Class 2P Aurora and Mason

    Class 3/4O Jaiya and Dexter

    Class 3/4R Yasmin and Thomas

    Class 3/4D Libby and Riley

    Class 5/6C Lily and Kian

    Class 5/6B Miley and Hamoda

    Year R - Phonics Meeting

    Thank you to the Parents who attended this informative morning – learning about Phonics and how you can support children with their learning. 

    Absent children

    In the last couple of weeks we have had several poorly children. The majority of parents are great at keeping us up to date and letting us know if their child will not be attending school and why. This is really helpful as we have to annotate our registers giving reasons for children’s absence. Can I remind parents of the procedure for ill children?

    If you feel that your child has an illness which may warrant them remaining at home then you must:

    Consider first of all whether you feel that your child would still be able to take part in the majority if not all of the school’s activities. In this case, you should still send your child to school. Should your child become unwell during the day and/or where the school feels that the child is no longer able to participate in school activities, the school will contact you to collect your child.

    If you feel that your child cannot take part in the school’s activities and would be better remaining at home then you must contact the school as soon as possible on the first/each day of absence before 9:05am. When parents do not contact us by 9.05am the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

    If your child has had sickness and/or diarrhoea then they need to remain at home for 48 hours after their last ‘episode’. We are trying to reduce the spread of these illnesses - children return before the sickness has passed are often sick again and have passed their germs on.

    Please this newsletter for guidelines about the Norovirus bug which is extremely common at this time of year.

    Norovirus - frequently asked questions

    What are noroviruses?

  • Noroviruses are a group of viruses that are the most common cause of gastroenteritis (stomach bugs) in England and Wales, affecting between 600,000 and a million people in the UK each year. Norovirus is now the name given to the group of viruses that used to be known as Norwalk virus or small round-structured viruses (SRSV).
  • How does norovirus spread?

  • The virus is easily transmitted from one person to another. It can be transmitted by contact with an infected person; by consuming contaminated food or water or by contact with contaminated surfaces or objects where it can survive for many days.
  • This ability to spread easily means it often causes outbreaks in semi-closed environments such as hospitals, care homes, and schools.
  • What are the symptoms?
  • The symptoms of norovirus infection will begin around 12 to 48 hours after becoming infected and the symptoms will last for 12 to 60 hours. They will start with the sudden onset of nausea followed by projectile vomiting and watery diarrhoea. Some people may have a raised temperature, headaches and aching limbs. Most people make a full recovery within 1-2 days; however some people (usually the very young, elderly or underlying medical condition) may become very dehydrated and may require hospital treatment.
  • How to identify someone with dehydration?

  • Symptoms of dehydration include passing little urine, a dry mouth, tongue and lips, sunken eyes, weakness, dizziness, headache. Some people may become irritable, confused or lethargic.
  • Infants and children may have fewer wet nappies or tears when crying. Their hands and feet may become cold, pale or mottled, and breathing can become rapid and shallow. If you think your child has these symptoms you should seek medical attention immediately.
  • How is norovirus treated?

  • There is no specific treatment for norovirus apart from letting the illness run its course. It is important to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.
  • If you vomit, wait 5-10 minutes and then start drinking again, but more slowly, for example, a sip every 2-3 minutes.
  • Are there any long-term effects?

  • No, there are no long-term effects from norovirus.
  • Should I seek medical advice?

  • If you feel you require medical advice, call your General Practitioner, or NHS 111. Do not visit your GP, the Dudley Walk in Centre, or Accident and Emergency, unless for the reasons mentioned earlier, such as dehydration, or you feel it is absolutely necessary to do so.
  • If I’m suffering from norovirus, how can I prevent others from becoming infected?
  • There are many things you can do to prevent the spread of the infection.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet or changing nappies. Also ensure you wash your hands before eating food. Dry properly after washing.
  • Don't share towels and flannels.
  • Don't prepare or serve food for others until at least 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea/vomiting.
  • If clothing or bedding is soiled, first remove any faeces into the toilet. Then wash in a separate wash at as high a temperature as the fabric will tolerate.
  • Regularly clean the toilets that you use with disinfectant. Wipe the flush handle, toilet seat, taps, surfaces and door handles with hot water and detergent at least once a day. If possible use a disposable cloth each time.
  • If you have a non urgent appointment at a hospital and are suffering from symptoms of norovirus telephone before attending.
  • If you think you are suffering from norovirus, do not visit relatives in hospital.
  • Stay off work, school, college, etc., until at least 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. Avoid contact with other people as far as possible during this time.
  • What can be done to prevent infection?
  • The most important thing you can do is wash your hands, and follow the steps above, to reduce the risk.
  • Where can I get further information?
  • Information on the infection can be found at:
  • NHS Choices www.nhs.uk/norovirus 
  • Forthcoming events:

  • Harvest Collection – Monday 23rd September – Friday 18th October
  • Friday 4th October – 5/6B Class Assembly
  • Tuesday 8th October – Yr 5 Condover Hall Residential Meeting – 3.20pm Mr Baker’s room
  • Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October – Parents Evening ( Mr Wade’s Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th October)
  • Friday 18th October – 3/4O Class assembly
  • Monday 21st October – Yr 5/6 Theatre Group
  • Friday 24th October – Monster Mash – 4.30pm – 6.00pm
  • Friday 25th October – INSET day – school closed to children
  • Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November half term
  • Monday 4th November – back to school 8.50am
  • Regards

    Mrs Miller


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