Condover - 6th to 8th September 2017

6/9/17 - 12:15pm

Year 6 have arrived safely at Telford Town Park and are eating their lunches. Weather is dry and bright - fingers crossed that it stays like this for the rest of the day. We will keep you posted and let you know when they arrive at Condover.

6/9/17 - 3.25pm

Arrived safely at Condover, in Hodnet block all to ourselves! Been on a site tour, children unpacking, everyone excited! Our first activity is conquest, followed by tea, then Mini Olympics tonight! The sun is shining all is good!!

7/917 10.15am

Everyone having a great time at Condover (adults too!). Yesterday afternoon the children took part in a mini Olympics followed by showers, hot chocolate, biscuit and a story. The majority of children were asleep by 10.15pm, only a few were still awake......... and no, it's not the ones you might have expected! This morning started with a late breakfast at 8.25am. You will be pleased to know everyone is eating extremely well. Activities today include, zip wire, team challenge, climbing, abseiling and fencing. The children are looking forward to the campfire tonight. The children are behaving well and using amazing manners in the dining room.

8/9/17 9.30am

The children have had breakfast and packed their bags ready to come home. Rooms have been tidied and morning activities have started. The food is good and everyone has eaten well. Everyone will have lunch before leaving Condover Hall to return to school. They plan to leave Condover at approx. 12.45pm arriving back at school between 1.45pm and 2pm approximately. We will send a text message to parents as they leave Condover to give you a more precise time.

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