Condover Updates

Wednesday 4th September - The children had a wonderful time at Telford Town Park. They enjoyed eating their packed lunch in the sunshine. They have made their way to Condover Hall and arrived safely. Mitch, the instructor has given them a tour of the site and are now unpacking.They are extremely excited and looking forward to the first activity (Conquest). after tea there will be time to visit the shop and, weather permitting have a camp fire. A busy day!

Thursday 5th September - Campfire last night was great - weather stayed dry. Children had hot chocolate and talked about their achievements and the best part of the day before going off to bed. Most slept well apart from one or two! This morning is a bit chilly but there is bright sunshine. Breakfast was at 7.35am and all had a good breakfast; some ate more than others. Activities today will be abseiling, sensory trail, climbing wall, gladiator wall and wide games. They should sleep well tonight! Lets hope the sun continues to shine! EVERYONE IS HAPPY:)

Friday 6th September - All the children enjoyed the range of activities yesterday. Everyone had a good 'go' and was pleased with their achievements. Everyone was asleep by 10pm and slept extremely well. The children have eaten a good breakfast, have packed and left their rooms. Today's activity will be 'Aerial Trek' followed by lunch and giving out of awards. The coach will arrive for a 1pm departure back to school. Approx. time of arrival back at school 2 - 2.15pm. See you later.

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